Terra: Room with a View

One of the great things about living in New York City is that friends and family from far away love to come visit and see the sights. And who can blame them?  I have so much fun playing tour guide and taking them to amazing places that they would never have found on their own, such as, where to go to get a great view of the city.

It’s no secret that I LOVE the Empire State Building. If you follow New York Guest on Facebook, you have seen the numerous photos I have posted on FB from the vantage point in my office. What an amazing view!  When I take my friends and family out on the town, I tend to pick restaurants and bars that showcase my favorite New York City landmark.

Just the other night I took an old friend out for a drink after work to the bar at the top of the Fashion 26 Hotel. The name of the bar is Rare View…and what a Rare View it is! Take a look:

View from Rare View at Fashion 26 (photo by Terra)

We enjoyed a glass of wine and some surprisingly spicy guacamole and chips while feasting on this view above. Early in the evening the bar is pretty quiet, especially in the winter, but later in the evening and during summer months it gets very busy.

Then last night I took another friend passing through Manhattan out for Korean BBQ in K-Town (Korean Town).  So much fun to try new dishes! After dinner we went up to the bar at the top of the Strand Hotel, creatively called Top of the Strand, which has an even more fabulous view from its 32nd Street location:

View from Top of the Strand (photo by Terra)

Both bars are enclosed in glass that is open during the warmer summer months, proving an excellent open-air experience.  But even in the winter time both spaces are made cozy with little couches, seating areas and interesting light fixtures.

I can also think of a few other great spots in the city that provide a generous view of the Big Apple. Want to learn more? Just send me an e-mail!


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