Jeannette: So much more than NYC

Hello, I am Jeannette and I am the Director of International Sales for New York Guest. I have been with New York Guest for over 7 years! Did you know that New York Guest assists clients with travel outside of New York City? We frequently book individuals, groups and corporate travelers all over the US and abroad. For example, right now I am helping a group leader find the perfect hotel in Milan for his cycling group tour later this year.

As you can imagine part of my job entails a bit of travel and one the places I love to escape to the most is Puerto Rico.  After so many years of going there, I have become a bit of expert on all things Puerto Rico! I recently returned from a 6-day jaunt to Vieques– January is the perfect time for a warm-weather getaway from NYC!  As my colleagues struggled with the blizzard that is New York, I made important decisions like, “Which secluded beach should I visit today?”

Sun Bay - Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is beautiful island located a short 25 minutes by plane from San Juan,  with secluded beaches, no chain restaurants and no internet cafes, it is place you really go to get away.   The island lies about 8 miles off the mainland of Puerto Rico and is only about 21 miles long and 4 miles wide.  Small enough that it’s easy to quickly orient yourself on the island. Since the US Navy closed their operations on the island in 2003, tourism has slowly been building here, but I still consider it one of the secret jewels of the Caribbean. The recent opening of the W Hotel has brought a bit of jazz to the island luring Hollywood headliners like Dennis Quaid and Angie Harmon, but outside the walls of W,  the biggest sighting is the natural beauty of the wild horses that run free.

Why build snowmen when you can build sandmen?

The island also hosts a ton of smaller bed and breakfasts and I am lucky to know them all!  So for all of our readers looking for someplace to escape other than New York City, here at New York Guest we can still get you the same great deals in warmer climates as we do in New York.

The New W Hotel in Vieques

Let me be your guide to La Isla Nena or anywhere South of the Border for some fun in the sun. Contact me via e-mail or call me at (212) 302-4019!

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