Lora: Shop Vintage!

Come to New York City and you will surely find your 5th Avenue designer duds and your Soho best-sellers.  But being the Fashion Capital of the World, New York City has so many hidden vintage gems.

I love shopping; some might even say I have an addiction. BUT I am a very savvy shopper! Nothing thrills me more then a great bargain. Sure, I could go to Bloomingdales or H & M with everyone else (which of course I sometimes do), buy something off the rack at full price then walk down the street and see at least 5 people with the same top. Or I could seek out the hidden vintage gems New York City has to offer. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe what I have found! I am constantly getting compliments on my pretty purchases and I love to say I shop vintage!

Beacon's Closet - My initiation to all things vintage

Truth: At first, I couldn’t do it. There is something about buying something new and fresh that has no comparison. Putting on clothing that someone else has worn took some getting used to. But once I got over that, I was in vintage state of mind.  My first vintage experience was at Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I went to the Brooklyn Brewery with some friends and across the street this hot pink building was calling my name. I went in and was a bit overwhelmed by the endless racks of clothes. But I decided to sift through and found some great stuff! The price tags were amazing: I found designer duds for CHEAP and I can be confident no one else will be wearing the same outfit.

Do these come in my size? Hope so!

I was hooked but I didn’t exactly try to seek any new stores out. I was convinced that I would have to travel to Williamsburg when I wanted to get my vintage fix.

Was I wrong! One of my favorite things to do is explore new neighborhoods in the city. I love to ride my bike and explore New York City and each time I am delighted to find something new. Sometimes I find a new vintage store. It’s definitely hit or miss, which my bank account is okay with. However, when I hit, I hit big and my shopping addictive self feels NYC-satisfied!

Contact me for shopping suggestions!


If you are coming to New York and need any shopping tips, please call me for my expert advise– I have the receipts to prove it! Reach me at LGreen@newyorkguest.com or at (212) 302-4019.

My other favorite Vintage Spots:

New York Vintage
Screaming Mimi’s
1 of a Find
Buffalo Exchange
Cheap Jack’s
Chelsea Girl Couture

— Lora


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