Melba: Fuerza Bruta Review

Hello! My name is Melba Guerrero and I am a New York Guest Hotel Concierge. I was born in New York, raised in Dominican Republic and moved to New Jersey as a teenager. Even though I’m just across the Hudson River, my heart is always in the city which is why I like to stay really close to it. I’ve been working in the hotel business for over 4 years and I love it– even more so now that I am a concierge because I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and help them appreciate New York City as much as I do.

I’m a singer/musician, aiming to get my Music Education degree, and I’m also the musical director for my sorority, which I now do part-time. In school and in other areas, I’ve had the opportunity to perform musically, however, I didn’t experience seeing a professional performance on Broadway and off Broadway until becoming a part of New York Guest. Seeing the shows is part of my job since it helps me learn about the current shows and the great ones from the past.

Last week my mom, my sister and I went to see Fuerza Bruta, an avant-garde off-Broadway show. Prior to arriving, I was not aware that this show does not have chairs and that we were going to have to move around during the performance. I thought it would be fun for me and my sister, but my poor mother can’t stand for too long (luckily they had a couple of benches on the sides) and she didn’t want to miss anything, so she remained standing for the whole show.  In Spanish, Fuerza Bruta means ‘brute force’.   I wondered what I should expect from a “brute force”.  I did see some previews from the website to see how it is, and I thought it was cool and was really looking forward to it. The preview is only a glimpse of what you’re going to see– meaning there is so much more to see than what you expect.

In the beginning of the show I felt as though I was in a 20th century version of a silent film, where the audience is sucked in to it to see it live! I was moving to the beat of the music; at some points it felt like I was in a Brazilian dance club. It was crowded, and the more rhythmic parts can catch you unexpectedly but I didn’t mind. I don’t want to give away too much, but you might get a little wet on purpose from the performers. It was so much fun; I was so happy with the outcome and understood what Fuerza Bruta finally means. The energy of the performers and dancers, the dynamics of the music, the tempo of the rhythm would make that a Fuerza Bruta!  I will definitely go again with close friends and dance dance dance!

Look up!

Let New York Guest help you find some of New York City’s off Broadway treasures like Fuerza Bruta. Just give my colleagues a call at (212) 302-4019 for advice and assistance!

— Melba


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