How to Get Tickets to The Book of Mormon

Check out updated Book of Mormon info as of 10/3/2011 by clicking here

Have you heard about Broadway’s surprise smash hit, The Book of Mormon? Out of seemingly nowhere this show has become THE show to see right now on Broadway!

What’s it all about?

Brought to you by the creators of South Park, Trey Park and Matt Stone, The Book of Mormon is a story about two young, mismatched Mormon missionaries who travel to a place as different from Salt Lake City as you can get: a remote Ugandan village. The always funny lyrics and sometimes profane or irreverent language, combined with great music, wonderful choreography and excellent acting have made this show an instant hit.

Out of nowhere The Book of Mormon has become the most popular ticket in town! How popular? VERY. POPULAR. So popular that finding tickets can be almost impossible! But thankfully you have friends in New York City… New York Guest!

New York Guest can find you tickets to the Book of Mormon

How to get tickets to see The Book of Mormon:

1) Plan Ahead. To get the best availability at the best prices, plan to get tickets well before you arrive in New York City. Call our office at (212) 302-4019 or e-mail us at to inquire about availability as soon as you know you are coming to New York City. Though last minute tickets can often be arranged, it’s definitely better to plan ahead if possible.

2) Be flexible. Consider a matinee performance or weeknight performances when tickets might be more readily available.

3) Be careful. See a deal online that seems too good to be true? It probably is– there are lots of ticket scams out there! We have seen too many customers face disappointment when they are told by the theatre that someone else is already sitting in seats they thought they had bought for themselves. New York Guest acquires tickets only from reliable, licensed sources!

4) Consider a Broadway Package. If you are coming to New York City to see this show, consider booking a Broadway Package to take advantage of discounts on both the hotel and the tickets.  Learn more about New York Guest’s New York Vacation Packages including our very popular Broadway Packages. All of our New York Vacation packages are completely customizable for you!

We currently have The Book of Mormon tickets available on our website as well, so visit to read more about the show and ticket options available!

— Terra

Check out updated Book of Mormon info as of 10/3/2011 by clicking here


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  1. I’m glad to see the book of mormon gettting its on broadway show. now they just need to get Big Love
    Another show and i’ll be happy.

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