Traditions of Broadway

There’s nothing like tradition…

One of my mother’s great New York traditions was having what she called “Girl Days” on Broadway. Whether it was taking me to see a show or spending a weekend with her college girlfriends at a fancy hotel and seeing 5 shows over 2 nights, I always grew up with the idea that seeing Broadway with friends was just something you do… that you do as much as you can!

My mom at Marquette in the 1960s

My mom graduated from college in 1967 and, for nearly 40 years, she carried on a tradition of meeting her girlfriends in the city for weekend of shopping and shows.  No matter how tough times got the girls always met in New York in the fall.  Sometimes, if I was lucky, being the only daughter of the group, I was invited to join in.

Since my mother has passed, I have served as her younger substitution and this year I saw Catch me if you Can starring Tom Wopat and Norbert Leo Butz. We laughed a lot, admired the costumes, gazed lovingly at Tom Wopat, who happened to have grown up with one the girls, and laughed at the memories of trips past.   I know that this one tradition that my mom is happy to know that I am carrying on.

One of the greats parts of my mother’s trips that I always laughed at was that, despite their financial success, the girls always shared one standard room. Just like they did as freshmen, they bunkered up and never wanted to be more than a few feet from each other for fear on missing out!   One hotel that I love for this is the Sheraton Tribeca. The rooms are large enough for 3 ladies to feel comfortable. Plus an inexpensive upgrade to SPG Club floor ensures access to the gorgeous lounge that comes with complimentary breakfast and is stocked with all the libations necessary for hours of endless chatter.  The lounge also has one of the best views in NYC! The hotel is just stone throw from the shops of SoHo where you can spend all the money you are saving!

Outdoor terrace at the Sheraton Tribeca's Club Lounge

Let our team here at New York Guest team help you plan your own “Girl Days” on Broadway! We’ll set you up with a great package including your Broadway tickets and the perfect hotel for you and your friends. Simply call us at (212) 302-4019 and we’ll get the planning started!

— Jeannette


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