Mamma Mia! Lora’s Look into Last Minute Mother’s Day Mania

Picture this–It’s Thursday and Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, just 3 days away. All you have is a measly Hallmark card that sounds like every other Mother’s Day card you have ever sent. You love your mom; she is the most amazing mom you know. And you need something else to do for her to show her your appreciation. Sound familiar?

That was me earlier today.  BUT it all came to me as I was trying to write some heartfelt words in my generic Mother’s Day card. My mother happens to be moving to the West Coast in a few months and I am trying to get in all of the quality time I can now before she moves so far away.

My sister, my mother and me

My sister and I decided to have the ultimate girl’s weekend with our mother this weekend! Since we want Mom to soak up as much “Manhattantime” as possible with her favorite Manhattanite daughters, we decided: Why not stay in Manhattan and have our girl’s weekend here!?I got a great hotel package rate staying at the super chic, super trendy hotel here in Chelsea near the New York Guest office. We can even bring my sister’s pooch, Stella! How could we have a girl’s weekend without Stella!?


Saturday night we got discount tickets to see Mamma Mia on Broadway. We have all seen the show before, but it is an absolute favorite and totally fitting for the theme of the weekend. Before the show we will be dining at one of our favorite restaurants, Dos Caminos. By far, here you’ll find the best Mexican food in New York City!  My mouth is watering thinking about the guacamole as we speak. And the sangria!

On Sunday we have plans to go to the spa and pamper my mother in return for all of her love and support. She truly is the best! Perhaps we’ll take in a lunch or brunch at my all time beloved Penelope’s. If you can stand lines at this “no reservation” brunch spot, the wait is worth it!

If you feel like doing something extra special for your mother this Mother’s Day give New York Guest a call and we will help you spoil your deserving mamma! It’s not too late to arrange an amazing weekend getaway to New York City.

— Lora


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