Shawn: New York is on a ROLL!

Hello my fellow foodies! My name is Shawn and I am one of the newest members of the New York Guest team. I look forward to sharing my love and knowledge of food and travel with you!

Nestled amongst the streets and alleys of the world’s gastronomic capital, food trucks provide a tantalizing alternative for your taste buds.  If you’re traveling on a dime or in a rush these cheap eats will surely hit the spot! New York City is known for the typical hot dogs (or as I call them- dirty watah hot dawgs), pretzels, nuts, and of course Halal meat and falafel trucks (better known as “StreetMeat!”)


"Halal, it's nice to meet you!"

  Beyond the sizzling bits of lamb, crunchy cashews, and delectable dogs, exists a world of flavors that transcends the quintessential Big Apple food-on-the-go. These taveling trucks have truly given a new meaning to the phrase, “Fast Food.”

Oh how I love the smell of "Nuts 4 Nuts"

 Allow me to take you on an affordable, decedent journey that is just as diverse as the people in our multi-cultural city.

Gems of the streets and always on the go, my favorite trucks surpass the traditional eateries of my city. They can provide a one-of-a-kind voyage into the unknown world of NYC grub delight.

Who's your edamame?

 I recently had the pleasure of stumbling upon this mouth-watering stop. I have heard about it through the grape-vine and just had to try it out!

They definitely lived up to their reputation.

The service was warm and friendly. Yes, you heard me right. Good customer service from a TRUCK in New York City. The  food was even better. Just under 300 calories for a box of 6 dumplings for $6, I savored a guilt-free lunch of pork and Chinese chives accompanied by a spicy basil dipping sauce that balanced the flavors perfectly. The best part was that I didn’t even break the bank! If you’re a little piggy like me and can’t get pork off the mind, try their braised pork belly sliders with Asian slaw! Mmmmmm.

 If meat is not your thing, then try their edamame dumplings! The whole wheat wrap holds pureed whole beans with a soy dipping sauce.  

Always fresh and always on the move: find out where the closest Rickshaw Dumpling Truck is by following them on twitter or you can visit their website.

So, where do you plan on satisfying your mid-afternoon sweet fix? How about The Big Gay Icecream Truck?! This truck provides creamy, twirled castles of goodness with a unique spin. Have you ever had ice cream topped with wasabi pea dust? Perhaps some olive oil and sea salt? Or pumpkin butter? How about coconut curry? Chocolate and cayenne pepper? Of course you haven’t! If you’re in New York and looking for a true unique, New York experience, go and try it out for yourself!

What’s more New York than a fat, juicy hamburger? If you don’t have the money this week for the ridiculously over-priced hambuergers, the line at the Shake Shack is too long (what else is new?) and you don’t have time to sit down, then Frites ‘n’ Meats has your back! One of my personal favorites, this truck has incredible,  juicy grass-fed Angus burgers for only $5.50!

I know what you’re thinking…What about the cheese!?! Well how does choosing from gruyere, brie, cheddar, blue or goat cheese sound? Not convinced just yet? You will be when you top off your burger with one of their unique toppings like savory onion jam, apple wood smoked bacon or garlicky guacamole, just to name a few.


As if that’s not enough, you can then accompany your burger with a side of hand cut Belgian-style fries. Enjoy yourself a succulent, satisfying meal all under $10! That’s unheard of in the world of Big Apple burgers!

What's that smell?

Are you nuts for Nutella like me!?! Then you have to check out Waffels & Dinges. Imagine warm, fresh waffles smothered in dulce de leche, nutella, bananas, whipped cream and much more to choose from for only $5!!!!! You seriously need to check this place out. What makes this place so desirable is that you can enjoy these little golden beauties for lunch or as a sweet treat with their savory pulled pork waffle. Find out where your next waffle craze will be on their website!


Sometimes, it's just worth the calories.

These trucks are just some of my favorite places for a quick snack or a tasty, cheap meal.

If you’re coming to New York for the lights, the fame, the beauty or just plain old adventure, don’t forget that the true spirit of New York City can be found in our streets, in our people and most importantly, in our food! Get out there and take a bite out of our city! It’s waiting for you!

If you need any assistance in finding the local eating experiences or anything else, give me a call at (212) 302-4019 or write me an email at I look forward to speaking with you!



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