You Are What You Eataly

Greetings again!  Alicia here, one of New York Guest’s expert concierges!  Since it’s my duty to be familiar with the most popular city destinations, (especially ones that involve food!!), this past Sunday, I set out to visit the acclaimed Batali/Bastianich collaboration – Eataly!  I thought that it was time I experienced the Italian specialty mother-ship myself, considering the growing popularity as a lunch destination for so many our guests! 

Carbs Anyone?

Upon entering Eataly, I was instantly amazed at the size of the multi-level space.  In August of 2010 this Food Network trio took over the entire first floor of an office building creating an Italian food extravaganza!  Eataly includes a variety of full service restaurants, an Italian marketplace, a wine and cheese bar (live music on Sunday afternoon) a butcher, a world class bakery, a rooftop beer garden and even an Italian brewery.  It’s a place where New Yorker’s and its guests can sample and shop (with a glass of wine in one hand) the highest quality of Italian products while others relax and dine on Italian dishes – classic and reinvented!

The marketplace is clearly designed to inspire cooking and does not disappoint!  Every Italian grocery product you could imagine was there . . . fresh pasta,  gourmet meat, beautiful vegetables, cheeses, sauces, and even cookbooks, while the restaurants served up specialty dishes which included seafood, pizza, fresh pasta, meat and even Vegetarian Italian!  If planning a visit, it’s important to note that only one of the restaurants will accept dinner reservations.   So be prepared to wait for a table – it may be a while!  On the up side, while waiting, you can stroll the isles of the market or enjoy a glass of wine and a cheese plate at the wine bar while you wait.  It is most definitely worth the wait!

Veggie Heaven!

I opted to skip dinner and go straight for dessert (brilliant call on my part)! The espresso and gelato station was amazing!  After sampling every flavor of gelato and irritating all the people behind me in line, I decided on the classic chocolate gelato.  And it was worth it!    On my way out I grabbed an espresso to go and called it a day! 

Overall I really enjoyed my Eataly experience.  I could do without the crowd  . . . but hey, that’s New York! 

 My best advice to guests that plan on visiting . . . Enjoy!  However, be prepared to spend a fair amount of time inside.  This is not a place for a quick bite to eat.   Go on weekday afternoon and late evening as it is rumored to be less crowded.  (weekends are a madhouse! )

Next time I will be sampling all the “flavors” of the wine bar . . . stay tuned!


Want to know a secret? Eataly is opening a rooftop beer garden on the fifteenth floor! Rooftops and beergardens are ever so popular here in New York. Eataly has ingeniously decided to combine the two! Supposidly the highest brewery in the states, La Birreria boasts 8,000 square feet of drinking, eating and brew-watching. It opens June 3rd, so make sure to check it out and tell us all about it!


Have an upcoming trip to New York City this spring/summer???  Call us at (212) 302-4019 or email  Our expert concierge staff is here 24/7 to assist you with any arrangements such as restaurant reservations, theater tickets, airport transfers or any other questions you have about New York City!  


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