Rockin’ Family Weekend!

Hello again. Beth here with another Broadway Review! With my brother and sister both living outside of New York these days, long holiday weekends are always a great way for my family to see each other. My Mom’s birthday was last week so my family decided to get tickets for all of us to Rock of Ages. What an amazing idea that was!

 This show now definitely ranks in my Top 5 (if not 3!). The mood of the theatre is that of a rock concert. There are posters everywhere and people walking up and down the aisle selling drinks (every now and then you hear a token “BEER HERE!” while waiting for the show to start). At the beginning of the show, the four man band comes onto the stage to pump the audience up.

 After that starts the real fun! As an avid music fan and a child of the 80’s, this show had every hit you can imagine. The songs all blend into the perfect storyline of Drew and Sherrie (cue the “Oh Sherrie” romantic ballad moment) as they struggle to be a singer and an actress inLos Angeles. With hits from 1980’s rock staples like Foreigner, White Snake, and Journey this show has you singing along in your seats. The best part of this show was the comedy! I didn’t expect the show to be as funny as it was, but there were parts that had us laughing so hard, there were tears in our eyes.

 This show appeals to a wide range of people. Anyone over the age of 16 and a fan of music or the 80’s would love this show. My family ranges from 22 to 62 and we all enjoyed it just as much as the next person.

My Family and I Outside the Theater

Want to visit New York Cityand rock out on Broadway? Contact me at or (212) 302-4019.


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