Shawn’s Broadway Review: Catch Me If You Can!

When I see a Broadway show I want to be dazzled, shocked, moved and star struck! I love the feeling I get when I want to picture myself being the main actor; up on stage singing and dancing and making the crowd go wild. I need a Broadway show to deliver and Catch Me If You Can most certainly did. The musical is based off of the 2002 hit movie staring Leonardo DicaprioBased on a true story, the show conveys a 19 year old con artist on the run while having lots of fun!

The lead role is played by the amazing and ever so talented, Aaron Tveit. You might remember him from Next to Normal and Gossip Girl.

I hate to sound cliché, but this musical really has something for everyone. The show brings action, romance, humor and many triumphs.

What first struck me about this was the story line was how the lead character Frank faked being a Pan Am Pilot. I love airlines and everything that has to do with travel, so this was right up my alley. This musical was nostalgic of the old fashion “Jet Set” and an antiquated criminal justice system.

Did I mention that it’s hilarious, heartbreaking and exciting!? I cried, I laughed, I anticipated, I wanted more! I went to see the show with a few my colleagues-it was an amazing night out on the town.

Where will we catch you on your next jet set?

Write to me at for more information regarding Broadway shows, New York City or anything you may need for your next jet set!


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