A Walk on the Beach in New York City

by Richard Williams, CEO

Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk in Brooklyn

A lot of visitors see New York City in a single dimension – an island of big buildings and rushing people. But there are many many different New Yorks beyond the bright lights and skyscrapers.

It will probably surprise many visitors to learn that there are miles and miles of beaches in the City of New York. These aren’t some thin strip of sand or little coves. These are world class sandy beaches that seem to run on and on forever. In many cases the beaches are ¼ to a ½ mile wide or more and are a mile to  4 miles or more  long. Some are more crowed then others but they are all worth a visit. Beaches like the world famous Coney Island ( Nathans Hot dog stand, seaside roller coasters and more), Brighton Beach,  Manhattan Beach (in Brooklyn), Riis Park, Orchard Beach(Bronx) and more are easily accessible by public transportation. Try walking length of the barrier island that includes Breezy Point, Riis Park, Rockaway Beach to Atlantic Beach for a full day adventure. Its maybe 10 miles or so in length. Take the subway to one end, walk to the other end and hop on a public bus back to the subway. Fishing piers also abound throughout the city.

Fort Tilden Beach in Queens

On a recent Sunday, we took one of those perfect beach walks – grabbed some water and went off on a few mile stroll. It might sound like a long walk but we found that it takes about 15 minutes or so to walk a mile.  When we got about half way there, we stopped for a snack of fresh cod tacos with red cabbage and lime mayo ($10) and tuna tartar on a bed of avocado ($11) – with a Bloody Mary, of course. On the way back – took 20/25 minutes, the skies darkened but we made it back before the shower started.  Got in some exercise, had some good, inexpensive food, saw some nice sand sculptures and enjoyed the afternoon.

Rockaway Beach in Queens

In almost all cases, these beaches can be reached by subway – so for just a little over $2USD you can see some world class sandy beaches.

And as every New Yorker knows the water in New York often stay warm into mid or even late October in 8 out of 10 years.

The beaches of New York- a hidden treasure

Planning a trip to NYC and want to include a day at the beach? E-mail info@newyorkguest.com for the best insider tips on the New York City beaches.


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