Cruisin’ the New York Harbor

Hello BlogWorld!  To all of you reading, a great big hello from one of New York Guest’s newest concierges, Cari!  I have been a Jersey girl my whole life, living right across the Hudson River, nestled in the suburbs, an easy commute away.  New York City has always been like my backyard, a place where I could escape anytime I felt like it.  I worked there, I auditioned there, I saw Broadway shows, I went out to eat with friends, and I commuted home.  I thought I knew all there was to know about this city I’ve practically grown up in but I realized I was taking advantage of the amazingness right across that river! 
Each day I work for New York Guest I feel like I get to uncover another one of New York City’s secrets.  The other night I uncovered a wonderful secret- on the water!  On Friday evening, when the weather was absolutely perfect, my boyfriend and I set sail on the CitySights Twilight Cruise
 (A quick pause to dish about a great place to eat!  We hit BRGR on 7th Avenue between 26th and 27th street.  This is a-get-it-at-the-counter-and-we’ll-bring-you-your-food place.  We were looking for something quick.  We were blown away by the taste of these grass fed burgers!  I got a burger with avocado, bacon, and american cheese, he had a burger with mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and avocado, and we split a combo of onion strings, sweet potato fries, and russet fries.  This burger is in my top 5 best list of all burgers I’ve ever had and the man agrees with me!  Onion straws were awesome but we give even bigger thumbs up to the sweet potato fries.  Quick but delicious food!)
 Back to the cruise!  We arrived at 38th and 12th, the NY Waterway terminal, and we looked for the signs saying CitySightseeing.  Big, red and easy to find!  We decide to sit on the open air deck on the second floor to get the whole view and I’m so glad we did.  Benches next to a heater and we were in business!  Danny, our tour guide, was hilarious and shared lots of fun and little known facts about the city.  The sun was just about setting as we began this romantic 90-minute cruise. 
We took in the Empire State Building in all its glory, the Frying Pan restaurant that I’m dying to try, South Street Seaport all lit up, tons of sailboats and kayakers, and the growing Freedom Tower where the World Trade Center used to stand.  The bridges were my favorite part. Our tour guide Danny joked that their order was BMW like the car: Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Williamsburg Bridge.  I don’t think I ever recognized the beauty of these bridges.  They were lit up and glorious as the sun set in the background.  I couldn’t stop myself from snapping pictures on my phone, thinking how great it was to feel like I was seeing it all for the first time.  Next up was Battery Park, Tribeca (we saw the building where Leonardo DiCaprio lives and where the Titanic was supposed to dock- very close-by!  Ironic, isn’t it?), the United Nations, Governor’s Island, the captivating Ellis Island, but then we laid eyes on Lady Liberty herself.  I visited the Statue of Liberty as a child, I’ve picnicked at Liberty State Park in NJ, and I’ve toured Ellis Island in the past couple of years but seeing Lady Liberty and her torch burning bright on this beautiful night topped off the night, making me feel proud that I live in such a fabulous place.  We sailed back, reliving all the sights we had seen, retiring the camera and just enjoying the view again on the loop back to the dock.  Our last sight was the Empire State Building lit up in red, white, and blue.  Can it get any better? 
 We walked off the boat giddy from the ride but mostly just grateful.  (They had NY Waterway buses to take you wherever you needed to go!) Tonight we got a night off from being locals and got to look at the beauty of what we have in front of us every day.  The city is so full of hustle and bustle; millions visit every day.  Today we stepped away from the hustle and bustle and got to enjoy the same glories as the rest of our amazing visitors.  Whether you have lived here your entire life or are visiting for the first time, whether you are here with your husband, mom, or kids, the NY Waterway twilight cruise is something you don’t want to miss.
Planning a trip to NYC? Check out the cruises/boat tours section of our website by clicking here, or e-mail to start creating your dream vacation!

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