Wicked & Wonderful

By William Gozdziewski, New York Guest Concierge

Giant cogs!  Fantastic falsettos! Gilded faces! Dancing Munchkins! Emerald cities! Flying monkeys!  These are a few of the fabulously fascinating treasures which abound in Wicked, one of Broadway’s most popular shows, playing since 2003.  This musical comedy is performed by an extremely talented cast whose vocal power will leave you with goose prickles; whose witticisms leave your belly aching from laughter; whose energy pulls you in like an indelible tractor beam of excitement.

Wicked tells the tale of Elphaba, a smart and friendly little girl who is ostracized by society because she was born green.   By the time she is of school age, she is used to being shunned by her would-be friends, but still dreams of one day meeting The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  Sent to school for the sole purpose of taking care of her sister, Nessarose, she quickly becomes the favorite of the head mistress when she demonstrates her innate magical powers.  The head mistress takes her under her wing, and sets her down the path that will eventually lead her to an audience with The Wizard.

Along the way there is a plethora of charming occurrences; a hysterically funny feud forms between Elphaba and her exceedingly popular roommate, Galinda, which soon turns into a lasting friendship.  Galinda’s “prince charming” comes to the school, and she quickly falls for him.   And we learn that Elphaba is a huge animal rights activist as she comforts her slighted teacher, Doctor Dillamond, a goat and the school’s only animal professor.  When Elphaba gets her wish to meet The Wizard, we find out that things aren’t always as they seem.

Filled with many delightful and humorous references to both the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and L. Frank Baum’s classic novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz this show is a wonderful evening out for families, couples, or anyone who was ever a child.

If you are traveling to NYC this fall, give us a shout at lgeller@newyorkguest.com. Packages including one night at the Algonquin Hotel and tickets to see Wicked in the orchestra or front mezzanine start from just $300 per person this October & November.


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