Jack’s: A Smart (& Yummy) choice for Times Square dining

As one of the most seasoned concierges at New York Guest, Megan was put in charge of one of the newest concierges, Cari.  Two foodies with a love for theatre and music, they instantly became friends as well as colleagues. Megan taught Cari the ins and outs of being a concierge, but there is always more to learn.  As a concierge in NYC, it is necessary to be knowledgeable in restaurants, theatre, sports, touring, and everything else!  Megan and Cari decided to expand their knowledge by visiting a highly recommended restaurant named Jack’s Restaurant and Bar on 40th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

Jack’s is affordable but chic; it is quiet and calm, but still busy.  The service is kind and attentive without being overbearing.  The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming; it is an amazing place to have a meal.  Jack’s is famous for their tapas menu.  When Megan and Cari arrived they had already perused the menu, so the question was tapas or no tapas!  Tapas were the decision and the right one as well!  We ordered the five tapas platter including grilled steak, corn and roasted pepper bruscetta over naan bread, crispy Thai chicken spring rolls with a sweet chili sauce, chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce, grilled chorizo, tomato, manchego cheese and naan bread, and pan crisped crab cake with cilantro, mustard aioli and rice paper.  Everything was excellent!  The crab cakes were the perfect combination of breading and crab with an awesome sauce on the side — definitely Cari’s favorite.  Megan’s choice was surely the spring rolls for their great tasting sauce and crispy veggies and chicken.  The bruscetta, chorizo, and the chicken satay were all such fantastic choices that we found ourselves too full to even get entrees!  As foodies, this is not like us so we decided to get the next best thing: a platter of desserts!  A platter of 3 desserts arrived for us with chamomile tea and coffee: tiramisu, chocolate strawberry cake, and the special of the day, black and white chocolate mousse cake.  It was indeed very special and we both were in love with this last dessert.  The other two were delicious as well; the chocolate strawberry was perfect for any chocolate lover and the tiramisu was light and fluffy, without the usual lingering taste of alcohol.

We were both extremely impressed with Jack’s Restaurant and Bar.  Not only was the food excellent, savory, and ample but we felt no need to rush out.  We enjoyed a long, relaxing evening, with a well spaced out meal.   Jack’s has been the perfect recommendation for our guests in town because of its’ proximity to Times Square and Broadway theatres.  It is now our number one choice for an evening out!  Be sure to put Jack’s at the top of your list on your next visit to NYC!


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