Prepare Ye (for an awesome show!)

by Louise, Community Manager

Godspell starts previews on October 13th

I will admit without shame that there was a time in my childhood where I watched the 1973 movie version of Godspell (starring the ever-fantastic Victor Garber) more than once a week. So it has frankly been painful for me to wait for the revival to open. With just three weeks to go until previews begin, my colleague Kelly and I went up to Circle in the Square theater to check out the progress of the load-in and get the inside scoop on the production.

The theater lobby was filled with equipment and boxes, a strange sight considering I’ve only ever seen the space jammed with people before or after a show. When we walked into the actual theater I was so pleased to see that they’ll be using the space the way I happen to think Circle in the Square is best utilized: the center is the stage and there are seats on every side of it (see seating chart). Some productions choose to block off one section of seats to have a more traditional set-up, but I think this set-up is PERFECT for Godspell for so many reasons:

–          The actors are very likely to spend some time in the audience (this actually ends up happening at most Circle in the Square productions) because it is the easiest way to get on and off stage

–          It gives the theater an incredibly intimate feeling – there are 700 seats (still small by Broadway standards) but if you had to guess looking at it you might think there were 200.

–          Since Godspell is such an ensemble show, it gives the actors the opportunity to play to different sections of the audience at different times, meaning you could go to see it multiple times (I probably will) and see things you missed the last time.

–          This is always true of Circle in the Square, but the house is so intimate that there aren’t more than 11 rows in every section – even when you’re in the last row, you’re closer to the action than you can get in many other Broadway theaters!

It was an amazing experience to see the Broadway stage being built. The theater was full of tools and equipment and there seemed to be quite a bit of welding going on. There are beautiful chandeliers already hanging throughout the house, and some kind of pulley system seemed to be being hung above the stage. When I asked our guide about it, her lips were sealed but she did say that in this production we’d see a lot of things that we’d never seen before in a Broadway show. As much as I tried to get details, she wanted to keep some of the mystery alive, but I did secure this tidbit: Rather than having a section for the orchestra, band members will be seated in different sections throughout the house, which will give the show a surround sound effect. How awesome is that? She also confirmed that there will be some serious audience participation in this show – come prepared to dance!

I verified with our guide that the show will have the bright colors that you’d expect. She couldn’t reveal details about the costumes but she said that the designer has come up with some amazing stuff. I also inquired as to whether the show would be appropriate for all ages, because the movie does get a little intense at the end, and she said it would be great for kids – the beautiful costumes, amazing choreography, catchy music and overall joyfulness of the show will delight everyone.

Godspell opens for previews October 13th. This production stars Hunter Parrish, Lindsay Mendez, Telly Leung and many other talented young actors. Godspell includes beautiful songs such as Day by Day, Bless the Lord, All Good Gifts, Light of the World and many more.

 I’ll follow up in a few weeks once the show has opened and I’ve been to see it to let you know whether the production meets my expectations (which I have no doubt that it will). In the meantime, contact us to secure your seats to this brand new production! Great for groups, individuals, families, and everyone else. E-mail me at


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