An Uplifting Experience

By Laura, New York Guest Concierge

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a performance of Sister Act.

As the musical began I realized how invigorating and exciting Broadway is in New York. At the sound of the first musical note I was on the edge of my seat. This musical as it turned out not only had wonderful musical productions but comedy and a love story as well.

Dolores Van Cartier(Patina Miller) was starting her singing career when she witnessed a mob hit. The police decided to hide her in a local convent. At the police station Dolores meets Eddie, an old friend from high schoool. Eddie, who was very awkward had a school boy crush on Dolores. He vows to protect her and keep her safe from harm.

As Dolores arrives at the convent, Mother Superior(Victoria Clark) is very skeptical with the arrangements. She is not sure if Dolores will be able to conceal her identity fron the sisters. Dolores begins to teach the choir who is badly in need of musical help. The choir includes Sister Mary Patrick and Sister Mary Robert. Both sisters take an interest in Sister Mary Clarence(AKA Dolores) and begin to form a friendship.

As Dolores teaches the choir how to “Raise Your Voice”, the choir gains notorarity in the community. Friendship and compassion overcomes fear as all unravels for Dolores.

Sister Act was an entertaining and uplifting evening!

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