Apple & New York

by Richard, CEO

There is a definite outpouring of sympathy in New York over the untimely death of the Apple founder, Steve Jobs.

In some ways, this West Coast genius had a special affinity for the East Coast city that is called ‘The Big Apple”. It was here on world famous 5th Avenue that Jobs introduced us to his special brand of innovative genius – in the products that he created and in the way he marketed them.

He will be sorely missed. First, by his immediate family and friends. But also by the legions of fans, admirers, users and competitors who eagerly awaited his ever so low key presentation of the latest must have gadget.

I think what makes Jobs so very interesting was his ability to create something that was so revolutionary, so practical, so well thought out  and then so indispensible. We never knew a computer could be like a Mac – we never envisioned what an IPhone, IPod, IPad would do for us.

Genius Mr. Jobs, right up there with Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Watson of IBM.



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