October Photography Contest – NYC Parks

We loved the photos this month! It’s amazing how beautiful New York City’s parks are throughout the seasons! Three of our top 10 are winter photos – a happy reminder that even when it gets cold our city will still be beautiful.

Voting is open and will remain open until October 17th at 9 AM when the winner will be announced! For more information on our monthly photography contests, visit http://www.newyorkguest.com/photo-contest/

And now, without further ado, the top 10!

Click on any image to see it larger, scroll to the bottom to vote for your favorite

#1 by Agnes McMillan

#2 by Carolina Vianna

#3 by Denise Hackett

#4 by Donna McDougall

#5 by Donna McDougall

#6 by Jeanine Mallia

#7 by Kristina Werner

#8 by Natalie Charles

#9 by Paula Lara

#10 by Tracy Arlow


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