It’s true! New Yorkers are nice!

by Richard, CEO

Like nearly everyone these days, I am attached to my smart phone – in my case an Android. So when I noticed that it had gone missing, I envisioned hours and days spent trying to duplicate what I had on the phone – and never recovering the photos and special messages. But thanks to the sharp eye and smart thinking of a NYC high school teacher, my phone was back in my hands about 4 hours after it was lost.

Somehow my phone fell out of its holder while I was on the subway. A nice young lady picked it up and tried to decide what to do with it. Hand it to a conductor? No…it might take weeks or never find its way back to me.

So she decided to carry it home with the thought that someone I knew would call me and she could answer and find out my identity. Within a half an hour that is exactly what happened – one of my daughters called the phone and the plan was put in place to meet with my phone savior. If that hadn’t worked, she was going to go to a Verizon store where they could find me.

Everything she did was smart and caring and helpful. These are traits that many many New Yorkers have. I see it every day as I watch my fellow New Yorkers help tourists find their way. While it’s our business, it is many other peoples’ nature. (Of course, it’s our nature too – that’s why it’s our business!)

Next time you think about New York …remember how nice we really are. And thanks to the young woman who teaches ESL and reunited me with my phone.


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