Autumn in New York: It’s good to live again

by Louise, Community Manager

I don’t keep it a secret that autumn is my favorite season. I love the crisp, cool breezes, light jackets, and foliage, not to mention pumpkins, maple syrup, apples, pears, concord grapes, and butternut squash.

If you’re visiting us before the leaves turn brown and the snow begins to fall, here are some autumn delights you should seek out

The Union Square Farmers Market I may be guilty of always suggesting this to everyone, but anyone who has been will agree that I am justified! And Autumn is my favorite time to go. For one thing, the colors of the bounty are amazing to behold and you can make a serious dent in your camera’s memory card just taking photos of produce (or is that just me? Nah, it’s everyone…right?) Plus, even if you don’t have a kitchen on your visit you can load up on awesome autumnal treats like hot apple cider and of course sweet and moist apple cider donuts, maple sugar candy that will keep you awake for days but it’s totally worth it, and the freshly-harvested local honeys from the late summer that will safely make the trip home with you (just don’t forget to put them in your checked luggage).

Belvedere Castle (on 79th street in the middle of the park) If you want a stunning panoramic view of Central Park’s foliage, I highly recommend paying Belvedere (Italian for “beautiful view) Castle a visit. Open 10 AM – 5 PM from Wednesday-Sunday during the fall, it is free to visit (but relies on donations to continue operating). Inside the castle you’ll find natural history artifacts and resources for birdwatching and hiking in the park, and at the top you’ll find the highest and best view of the park available. The castle was originally built in 1869 (much older than most NYC buildings!) and since 1919 it has been used by the National Weather Service to record meteorological data – so when you hear “it’s 60 degrees in Central Park” they really mean it’s 60 degrees at Belvedere Castle.

Cookshop An amazing thing happens when the cool weather sets in here in NYC: the restaurants come out with fall cocktail menus. Few things are as satisfying as a well-made cocktail, unless it is a seasonal well-made cocktail. For my money, Cookshop (at 10th avenue & 20th street) can generally be counted upon to have some of the most delicious ones. Definitely seek out the Concord Fizz, where they muddle fresh concord grapes with organic gin, lemon juice, and rosemary syrup and top the whole thing off with Prosecco. Remember that little girl from the Welch’s commercial who told us that “purple things taste special”? Well…she may not have been speaking directly about this cocktail, but it applies.

I could go on and on about Harbor Cruises, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Bronx Zoo, and a million more things I love to do in the fall but how about you start with these three and e-mail me at if you need more suggestions. Enjoy the autumn!


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