October Snow

by Richard, CEO

The weather forecasters get it wrong so often that when it happens like they predicated, it really is surprising.

The view from Community Manager Louise's window on Saturday afternoon

So it was this past Saturday. After being inside/underground for an hour, I emerged at 11AM on Saturday to a full fledged snow squall- heavy, wet flakes that kept on falling.

I chose to stay inside until mid-afternoon making a pasta soup that seemed perfect for the weather conditions until I had to venture out to pick up my car that was in for an oil change and a checkup.

On my slow journey from the middle of the Long Island to the north shore I encountered a good number of trees toppled over and a string of broken street lights.  Members of the Fire Department were stationed at the Long Island Expressway reminding drivers to keep it slow. Personally, I’m one of the people who absolutely love snow and all of its challenges. I like driving in it, like walking on it and now enjoy watching others shoveling it (anyone not in great shape or over 40 years old – let someone else do it).

But there wasn’t enough snow to shovel – just enough to slip on. Just enough to finish off my impatient plants- which one year lasted till Christmas. Killed the basil in the yard and made a whole bunch of other plants head into the ground till spring.

2 weeks ago was in a boat –on LI sound – in 80 degree weather

1 week ago I was nursing more blooms from my roses

Saturday – I was looking for salt for the sidewalk

Have to love living in NY… and I do.


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