Italian-American Heaven In Times Square: Dining At Bond 45

by Carly, New York Guest Concierge

I had passed it by for many years in my journeys across midtown, never knowing the deliciousness that was to be found behind its doors. Large, colorfully lit, and easy to find, I finally got my chance to dine at the wonderful Italian steakhouse, Bond 45, just the other day.

I was welcomed by a beautifully lit, simply but wonderfully Italian interior, and the friendly staff seated my mother and I at a great table on the restaurant’s balcony-like level, overlooking the tables below on the main floor. A large chandelier dimly lit the area around us from above; setting the scene and making the restaurant feel like a classy Italian place you might find in the heart of Rome. We were greeted by our waiter, and I quickly chose my favorite glass of vino, Prosecco, right after I had the chance to explore the restaurants’ extremely vast wine menu. There were so many great choices from various regions, I almost went against my original wine in mind.

Then, it was on to the food. We ordered the King’s Antipasto; a must do at this restaurant! Serving two but enough for an army, various plates of hot and cold Italian specialties hit our table as we drooled in astonishment. Fried artichokes with olive oil and lemon. Eggplant caponata. WARM, yes WARM olives. Prosciutto. Mozzarella, tomato, and arugula salad. Shrimp and scallops in oil and orange juice sauce to die for. We were truly in heaven. We dug in as if we had never seen such glorious food before, and it quickly reminded me of the days I studied abroad in Rome two years ago, sharing, laughing and enjoying the fresh food and wine. When you can reminisce about being in Italy with just one bite, you know the place and the food has to be good!

Then our entrees came. We were delightedly almost too stuffed to eat, but we made room in our bellies for more! I ordered the filet mignon which came with a decadent mushroom gravy sauce with a hint of wine, and a piece of mozzarella cheese, oozing goodness over the top. I also added the jumbo lump crab cake on the side, which was perfectly crisp on the outside, and soft, sweet, and light on the inside. My mom ordered the Seafood Risotto, which was swimming with calamari, clams, mussels, shrimp, and scallops. It came in a tomato based, garlicky, finger-licking sauce that was incredible (of course we shared!) Both dishes were incredible, tasty, and cooked to perfection. The portions were large enough that we even took some home!

When asked if we wanted dessert, we looked over the menu in awe at the scrumptious sounding chocolate mousse, profiteroles, and tiramisu, but we were tapped out! There was just no way we could manage eating even more food, as good as it looked and sounded. The waiter gladly brought our check, and we were pleasantly surprised with a nightcap of champagne by the lovely Kathy. On our way out, one of the waiters even came by to help me put on my coat! I felt like a true VIP! And that’s the type of place Bond 45 is; dedicated to impeccable service, a great staff, and amazing food all wrapped up in one, to make your NYC experience truly unforgettable.

The evening we had at Bond 45 was spectacular. From the ambiance to the service, to the friendly staff, great wine list, and of course the delicious food, I would definitely recommend going here for great Italian in midtown. I always hear consistently good things about this restaurant, and every time I recommend it to guests, they come back the next day telling me how fantastic it was! If you’re making your way to NYC this fall or winter, definitely stop by your concierge desk to make reservations at this Italian-American haven! Buon appetito!


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