A Key West Sunset in New York

by Richard, CEO

1500 miles or so away from New York City lays the city of Key West, Florida. It’s a place of sun and beaches and ocean and lots and lots of places to have a drink.

Just about everyone has heard of (and many have experienced) the spectacular sunsets that occur in at the southern tip of the United States.  Every day about a half hour before sunset, tourists and locals alike gather on the dock at the tip of Key West. An eclectic group – the viewers range from children in their parents’ arms to great grandparents.  There are hippies, business people, foreigners and everything in between.

They are all gathered to see the sun glowing bright orange as it approaches the moment when it seems to settle into the ocean. The whole experience lasts 10-12 minutes, with the sun seeming to move faster and faster as it makes its descent. At the end, the purists wait to see if they see the elusive ‘green flash’ that they claim occurs just at the moment when the sun meet the ocean. Some swear that they see the flash and other claim they have never seen it.

Well if you don’t have the time or the money to get to Key West, here is a place a whole lot closer. About 60 miles east northeast of NYC on Long Island is a small village called Old Field. Just to the north of town is a beach called ‘West Meadow Beach’. If you arrive on time, you will see sunsets almost as good, if not as good as those in Key West.  The beach is far less crowded so camera angles and set ups are easy and diverse. There are no restaurants or bars nearly by and the weather might be a tad cooler …but West Meadow is about an hour and $20 worth of gas away from NYC.

Here are some photos of a sunset on West Meadow Beach!



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