Benjamin’s Steakhouse – the perfect steak

by Cari & Megan, New York Guest Concierges

Welcome back, readers!  Here is part two of Megan and Cari’s adventures of restaurant hopping!  Two concierges, one newer, one wiser, Megan and I are foodies and love to try new places.  Last night, we were fortunate enough to dine at Benjamin’s Steakhouse.  We met the man himself, a lovely kind gentleman who came over to welcome us to his beautiful restaurant.  I would suggest Benjamin’s for any occasion but specifically for anyone going on a date, celebrating an anniversary, anybody conducting business meetings, reunions, or even parties!  There seemed to be an abundance of men there last night and who can blame them?  The anticipation of the amazing meal was enough to have us excited and ready to go.

As concierges, we google restaurants, information, and addresses for our guests constantly, pointing them in the direction of deliciousness and fun sites to see.  So it was fair to say we had perused Benjamin’s menu with care.  Megan was able to advise me in the direction of perfection.  We ordered the Benjamin’s salad to start: mixed greens with tomatoes, red onions, apples, light vinaigrette and the softest crab meat you will ever taste.  It was divine and if this dish was available at any other establishment, we would have eaten just this for dinner!  But how can you go to a steakhouse and not try the specialty?  Next they brought out the big guns: Steak for Two, German Potatoes and Creamed Spinach.  I swore we would never finish the steak but we came pretty close!  It was cooked perfectly to medium; one side of the plate was perfectly perched up by another plate leaving us with the finest drippings for sauce although it didn’t even need it.  The potatoes were excellent, crispy and with onions!  The creamed spinach was perfect, obviously blended and creamy but without being overwhelmed with cream.  To top off this amazing meal, we shared the chocolate mousse cake with fresh homemade whipped cream.  To say it was to die for would be an understatement.  We were so full but just couldn’t resist polishing off this perfect ending.

So did we enjoy Benjamin’s?  What do you think?  Benjamin’s was a delicious, elegant, and wonderful treat for two concierges who love the all American feel that steak provides.  Benjamin’s is the perfect place for a large celebratory meal when you are hungry for something decadent.


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