Party of Five: Traveling with a big family

by Beth, New York Guest Travel Planner

My love of travelling has developed from an early age thanks to my parents. They wanted to show me and my 2 siblings what was beyond Long Island and the New York City limits. My mom and dad are both teachers and they took advantage of having summers off to travel and see the country. I can luckily say that I have visited 40 out of the 50 states (plus Australia, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands). Most of these states were visited in the two times that we hopped into a mini van and drove cross country. Yes, you read correctly… 5 people in a mini van driving for a month straight to California and back! I have some of the best memories from these trips with my family and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Most people think that travelling with 5 people is difficult (in a room with 2 beds with 2 people in each bed, where does the other person sleep?), but it’s very easy. There are hotels all over the country that will accommodate a family of 5. All over New York City hotels are accommodating the growing family with more options. I have been dubbed the Family of 5 Guru so email me at and I can get your family started on a package that will include memories to last a lifetime!


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