What’s your New York Resolution?

by Louise, Community Manager

It’s 2012! Happy New Year! Whether you rung it in in the madness of Times Square, in the quiet company of loved ones, or something in between I hope it was a wonderful way to start the year.

So here we are in the time of year when gyms flood with people swearing to work out more this year, and everyone sets up a new savings account to start taking care of their money, or any other manner of self improvement missions that seem so apt to begin on January 1st. This year, I think it would be more fun to make some “New York Resolutions” instead. I’d like to share a few of mine with you. These are the things I commit to doing in New York this year. Please feel free to share your own New York resolutions in the comments!

1. Sit in the 100 section at Yankee Stadium. I usually go to at least ten Yankees games every year, but typically I’m always in the bleachers or the upper deck. This year, I want to be close enough that if Derek Jeter happens to do another dive into the stands like he did in 2004 (I was at that game but in the second to last row of the stadium), there’s a chance he will land in my lap.

2. Eat at Momofuku Ko. There are always a million restaurant on my “to do” list, food being one of my favorite things in the world, but I’ve wanted to eat at Ko for years. I’m a huge fan of David Chang’s cook-centric philosophy and the way his restaurants are all about the food rather than the decor, and the menu is ever-changing, meaning that even once I do eat there my goal will probably just change to “Eat at Ko again.”

3. Go Birding in Central Park with my sister. New York doesn’t just have pigeons – there are probably about 200 different species that you can spot in Central Park alone depending on the time of year that you visit. My sister happens to be working towards a PhD in biology with a focus on ornithology at Queens College, and she has gone birding in Central Park dozens of times but we’ve never been able to coordinate our schedules so that I can go with her. This year I will!

Obviously I have many more, but hopefully I’ve gotten you thinking about your 2012 New York resolutions. We’d love to hear about them and what’s more, we’d love to help you make them come true! Email me at lgeller@newyorkguest.com for help planning your next trip!



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