Vote for the top Empire State Building Photo!

One thing we’ve noticed that most fans of NYC have in common is that they LOVE the Empire State Building. Almost everyone we know who has visited as at least one photo of this iconic building that they treasure – and so we couldn’t resist making it our February Photography Contest theme! The photos we received are so varied even though they are all of the same structure, it will be so difficult to choose a winner. We’re glad that you are here to help us! Scroll down below to view the photos, and then vote for your favorite.

#1 by Ana Laura Soria

#2 by Ana Laura Soria

#3 by Barbara Leubner

#4 by Fernanda Lopes

#5 by Gilles Vauclair

#6 by Ilse Neugebauer

#7 by Linda Brown

#8 by Linda Brown

#9 by Martin Cabal

#10 by Thais Yamanishi


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