Al Fresco Dining Will Soon Return!

by Louise, Community Manager

It’s almost 60 degrees in Manhattan today, and all we can think about is the impending springtime, sitting at an outdoor table with a pair of fabulous sunglasses, drinking a glass of sparkling wine. Or something along those lines anyway. Check out some of my top picks for outdoor dining in NYC:

La Bottega at the Maritime Hotel

One of the joys of al fresco dining in New York City is the people watching, but sometimes you want to be outside and still feel separate from the outside world. That’s when it’s time to head to La Bottega. Situated in the Maritime Hotel on West 16th street, La Bottega is located on the beautiful mezzanine level and offers a huge expanse of outdoor seating with plenty of shade if the sun is particularly strong. The pizzas are fresh and delicious and the cocktails suit the mood of outdoor springtime dining (like The Italian 75 – gin, thyme, lemon juice and prosecco. Yum!)

The Garden at Studio Square

Astoria is somewhat known for its German-style outdoor beer gardens and The Garden at Studio Square is one of the newest and biggest around. Situated at 35-33 36th Street in Long Island City, you’ll find a huge amount of casual outdoor seating, an impressive beer selection, and traditional German fare like bratwurst, souvlaki, burgers and fish & chips. If you’re staying at one of the awesome new hotels that are cropping up everywhere in Long Island City, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to Studio Square and you can make a day of it with a trip to the nearby Museum of Moving Image!

Chelsea Market and The Highline

Make your own outdoor dining experience! Chelsea Market, running between 9th and 10th avenue from 15th to 16th street, offers a multitude of picnic ready options. If you want my top pick, the meatloaf sandwich from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats is unreal – succulent, moist meatloaf topped with mayo and pickles, how can you go wrong? But feel free to explore the market’s many other offerings! Once you’ve made your picks, head over to The Highline, NYC’s newest and neatest park built on a historic freight rail line above the west side. There are many perfect spots for a picnic, and you can usually find an ice cream vendor to provide dessert as you walk along the trail.

Before I get carried away, I’ll cap my suggestions at three – but post in the comments if you have another awesome NYC outdoor dining experience to recommend!


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