Brooklyn’s New Way to go to the Movies

by Louise, Community Manager

It happens to all of us:  we plan an awesome vacation and then a movie that we really want to see is scheduled to come out smack dab in the middle of it. Not wanting to spend a moment of our precious vacation in a multiplex that could be anywhere in the world, we sigh and wait until we get home to see the movie.

Leave it to NYC to come up with the perfect solution to this problem. Now you can see a movie while simultaneously having a unique New York City experience. Of course, NYC has many famous theaters – the Paris Theater, the Angelika and Film Forum come to mind, but I’m referring to a relatively new spot in Brooklyn called Nitehawk Cinema. The brain child of Saul Bolton, owner of the awesome restaurant Saul, also in Brooklyn, Nitehawk brings snacking at the movies to a whole new level. They offer a full menu of elevated “concessions” – including popcorn with real butter and seasoned salt, homemade candy bars, and a queso dip with scallions and cilantro that is about a trillion times better than that neon orange stuff they pump into a plastic cup for you at a regular theater. But that’s only the beginning. Nitehawk also has a menu of small plates including homemade pickles, tater tots, and vegetable tempura or several entrees, featuring an awesome burger, and an amazing dessert menu that includes soft serve ice cream (NOT Carvel) and a root beer float. Not only that, Nitehawk has a full bar, and comes up with specialty cocktails and dishes for every movie they play. When I was there on Friday, The Hunger Games  had just opened and the featured cocktail was called “Girl on Fire” – a spicy tequila concoction.

At Nitehawk, the theater opens about 30 minutes before showtime and you are free to arrive at any time to place orders and have food and a drink in front of you before the movie starts.  There is also a bar in the lobby where you can have a few cocktails before the theater opens. In the theater, seats are set up with a table between every pair, not in your way but perfectly placed with a cup holder and space for your food. When I first heard about Nitehawk, I worried that the ambience of the movie would be ruined by people reordering while the movie was on, but the folks at Nitehawk have the perfect solution for this: every table is equipped with small pieces of paper and little pencils, and if you want to order during the movie you write down your order and post it in front of you. The waiters make several sweeps to collect orders and serve. The waiters are incredibly impressive as well – the sweeps are neat and efficient and they duck whenever they walk in front of the screen. It’s about as unobtrusive as it can get.

With only three theaters and a propensity towards indie films, Nitehawk definitely doesn’t show every blockbuster, but it is well worth checking out their schedule while you are here!  It’s a dinner and a movie experience like no other and I highly recommend it. Nitehawk is located in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, just one stop into Brooklyn on the L train. I highly encourage exploring the outer boroughs on your visit and this is a great excuse to do that!

Want more restaurant recommendations for your trip, or need help creating a unique NYC vacation? Feel free to e-mail me at and we’ll get planning!


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