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Hotel Hopping in Manhattan

by Eileen, New York Guest Travel Planner

Hello again!

No Broadway show for me this week.  Instead I had the great opportunity to visit a couple of the hotels New York Guest can offer to our guests who come to New York.

As a Travel Consultant, I work primarily with direct to consumer and online sales.  When you send in a quote request, I or one of my colleagues begin looking into what’s available for your stay.  Matching the right person with the right hotel takes a lot of searching, extensive knowledge of each property, and a little bit of luck.

The Residence Inn by Marriott

The Residence Inn just completed a round of renovations.  This hotel is in an amazing location!  You’re right across from Bryant Park, just around the corner from Times Square and the Theatre District, and within walking distance of Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building!

The Marriott Residence features rooms with a queen bed and rooms with two double beds.  The rooms with two beds are on the larger end- about 450 square feet.  There is plenty of closet space, and the bathroom features a shower and bathtub (a major bonus for me).

Each room at the Residence Inn features a kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, and crock pot.  This is a huge plus for those of us who do not always want to go out to dinner each night.  Plus as Louise pointed out, the crock pot can be used to make stew.  How amazing would it be to come back to your room after exploring New York all day to have homemade stew!  Also when you book with New York Guest, breakfast is included!

Aside from its great location and amazing rooms, the Residence Inn has a significant amount of lounging area for guests to relax outside of their rooms.  There is a large lounge area that features multiple televisions and of course complimentary Wifi.  The Residence Inn also has an onsite fitness center and multiple meeting spaces.

The Beekman Tower Hotel

The Beekman Tower Hotel is another great property located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  This hotel is targeted towards long term stay guests.  Each hotel room features a kitchen with a full oven, stove stop, microwave and refrigerator.  The hotel rooms are spacious enough for you to move around in as well!

The Beekman is one of the oldest hotels in New York.  The property was built right along what was to be First Avenue in the beginning of the century.  However that’s not say that the hotel has remained outdated— it completed its latest renovation last year.  The old world feel of the Beekman is not lost amongst the crowd of newer buildings occupying the same street.

The most delightful part about the Beekman is the Top of the Tower Restaurant that features stunning views of the Upper East Side, Midtown, and Queens.  The Top of the Tower can be rented out to host cocktail parties and other meetings.  However anyone can make a reservation and enjoy the food and view!

The Carlton Hotel

The Carlton Hotel is a boutique property located on Madison Avenue.  The property was built about a century ago and has expanded a good deal.  Housing the popular French restaurant, Millesime, the Carlton is a great option for business and leisure travelers with a great location for those visiting New York.  The Carlton is within walking distance of the Empire State Building, Herald Square, and Penn Station.

Since the building is bit older, the rooms are on the smaller end.  However I felt that the rooms had an intimate aspect to them.  All of the in-room amenities are up to date — new bathroom, new television, and mini bar.

The restaurant Millesime is a must see and experience at the Carlton.  The restaurant has tremendous space with seating in several different areas as well as the bar.  The salon is open and airy and lets in a good deal of natural sunlight.  The gem of the Millesime dining area was a tiffany dome window that let in an amazing amount of natural light.  I strongly suggest you visit the Carlton!

The Manhattan at Times Square

The Manhattan at Times Square, formerly the Sheraton Manhattan, is a wonderful three star property that sits just north of Times Square.  The hotel is within walking distance of Times Square, many of the major Broadway theatres, Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, and so much more!

The Manhattan at Times Square is one of the few properties in Manhattan that has a pool.  Most of the time when a Manhattan property claims to have a pool, it ends up being a small pool that can only fit a few people in at a time.  The Manhattan has a short course pool that expands to 25 meters.  Adjacent to the pool is a sun deck where guests can relax or sunbathe.  The other side of the pool features the fitness center that has window ceiling that lets in a large amount of natural light.

This hotel is great for those who are interested in staying within walking distance of all the major sights.  This hotel is also great for groups interested in adjoining rooms!  The hotel’s rates are wonderful for the location and the hotel definitely offers a great New York experience.

Now that you’ve heard about some of our favorite hotels, are you ready to start planning your NYC getaway? E-mail for customized packages and amazing deals at these or dozens of other properties we love.


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Arise and Seize the Day: Newsies has arrived on Broadway

by Louise, Community Manager

I am a woman who was born in the 1980’s, so obviously I have had my ticket to see Newsies on Broadway for months.

For those of you unfamiliar with the phenomenon of Newsies, the original 1992 film was pretty much universally despised by critics and generally dismissed by audiences as well. Nonetheless, it found its way into the psyche of a large percentage of the population, and pretty much every lady I know who was between the ages of 4 and 17 when it came out is obsessed with it. And so its arrival on Broadway has been heralded with much excitement. For the purpose of recognizing that not everyone in the entire world knows this movie by heart, I have decided to divide my review into two different sections:


Anyone going to see Newsies who has great love for the movie, as I do, should be warned that there were a huge number of changes – I’m not sure any of the original dialogue made it into the show. Some of the lyrics in the songs you know have been changed too. Bryan Denton has been replaced with a female journalist named Katherine who replaces Sarah (who is not in the show at all, along with the rest of Les and David’s family) as Jack’s love interest. And, in what apparently to some people is the most upsetting omission, Patrick’s mother is nowhere to be found in Carrying the Banner.

Once you get past all that though I think you’ll find the fun and spirit that makes Newsies such a memorable and loveable film is present in this show in spades. While there is no High Times, Hard Times the rest of the songs you know and love are there – Carrying the Banner, Seize the Day, The World Will Know, Santa Fe, and King of New York – and most of them are giant, show-stopping dance numbers performed by an impeccably talented and impossibly energetic cast. At the end of almost every big number, they held their final pose for what felt like several minutes while the audience gave them their due.

The original songs are joined by new songs penned by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman, and while none of them grabbed me in quite the same way, in all fairness I haven’t known them for 20 years, and I did find myself humming a few of them today. Favorites were Brooklyn’s Here, sung by the Brooklyn contingent as they join forces with the rest of the Newsies, and Watch What Happens, a song that portrays the hope the characters feel about their ability to bring positive change.


Newsies is based on the true story of the 1899 newsboy strike in New York City, where the newsboys who were vital at the time to the sale and distribution of newspapers walked off the job when they started being charged more for the papers they purchased wholesale to sell on the street. The story centers around Jack Kelly, a feisty 17-year-old who is the de facto leader of the newsies and is accustomed to working hard to take care of himself, along with Dave and Les Jacobs, who are new to the newspaper-slinging world, forced out of school and into work when their father is injured on the job and subsequently gets laid off. The newsies attract the attention of a local journalist in their effort, who vows to help them get the attention their cause deserves.

While the show is for the most part light-hearted and buoyant, it does center around the serious issues of the time, especially child labor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally uplifting, but there are definitely serious issues at the core of the story. However, mostly what you’ll probably come away remembering is the PHENOMENAL DANCING that happens every two minutes on that stage. I mean, history is important and all, but come on, awesome dancing!


Jeremy Jordan is unbelievably awesome in every way as Jack Kelly. I can’t overstate how fantastic his performance is. He is charming, scrappy, arrogant and defiant – in short, everything you want Jack Kelly to be. Unfortunately there was no magical way to return Max Cassella to his youth to reprise the role of Racetrack Higgins, but Ryan Breslin did a noble job making me grin in a very similar way, and Andrew Keenan-Bolger is sweet and delightful as Crutchie. John Dossett makes for a worthy adversary as Joseph Pulitzer, and while I have a few quibbles with the conversion of Bryan Denton to Katherine, Kara Lindsay nonetheless gives a lovely performance. For a cast that counts so many Broadway debuts among its ranks, they were one of the strongest ensembles I’ve seen in recent memory and perhaps most importantly, it was patently obvious at all times that they were just having the best time ever doing the show. And to me, nothing feels better than feeling like a cast is enjoying performing a show as much as I’m enjoying watching it.

So should you go see this show? YES! It is appropriate for everyone and will be enjoyed by all. I’d peg it as a contender for this year’s Tony for Best New Musical. Right now the show is only scheduled to run until August 19th, and while I hope they extend it to an open-ended run, you should nonetheless probably plan to see it soon. You can contact me directly at with your questions or for tickets to see Newsies!

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Get Ready to Laugh: One Man, Two Guvnors

by Danielle, New York Guest Concierge

If you’re in the mood for laughing then you HAVE to see One Man, Two Guvnors!!

You won’t be disappointed.
This wonderful British farce with elements of commedia dell’arte (an old Italian term referring to a type of comedy incorporating music and dance along with dialogue, often with some element of improvisation) has just joined Broadway’s roster and we are so glad! Broadway shows that invoke true, wonderful belly laughs sometimes feel rare, and this one offers enough that you’ll walk out feeling like you got a full workout.
The show begins with a band, The Craze, entertaining guests with Hermans Hermits style folky 1960’s songs. It’s a great way to start the show as latecomers don’t interrupt the beginning of the performance (you should still get there on time though!) and the bouncy, happy songs really set the mood. It was during this time at the beginning of the show that my husband asked “why did they bring over the whole British cast? Why not just recast here?” That question was answered in the first 20 minutes of the show–because you can’t duplicate the chemistry and comic timing that this cast has, INCREDIBLE!!
One Man, Two Guvnors is a story about a man, a man who sometimes isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. He somehow gets two employers who are seemingly working against him, yet they are for each other but don’t know it and neither does he. Follow me?? If you don’t, all the better because that’s where the comedy lies. I don’t want to give too much away because it might ruin your evening – every moment of this show should be a surprise!
James Corden, the lead fool, does a marvelous job of balancing the hilarity and working the audience. People have been known to respond out loud to him from the audience because they are so caught up in the story and his role.
It was a delight of an evening full of belly laughs and people running around, great music that I’m still singing, and everyone getting their just desserts.

Everyone should see this show. It’s appropriate for children over 12 (there is some sexuality) and anyone who loves to laugh!
Check out One Man, Two Guvnors with our awesome package One Man, Two Guvnors, Six Food Trucks, and YOU! or e-mail to create a customized package!

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This Book Will Change Your Life

by Eileen, New York Guest Travel Planner

Quick— name the hottest show on Broadway!

Did you guess the Book of Mormon?

Since its debut last season, the Book of Mormon has remained the hottest ticket around in American Theatre.  I was incredibly lucky to obtain my ticket months in advance after a great deal of patience and plain old luck.  After listening to the hype machine for a year, I went into the show with high expectations.

The Book of Mormon is vulgar, offensive, vulgar, and hysterical!  I had a smile on my face the entire time.  You cannot go into this show without knowing a little bit about its creators— Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Robert Lopez.  Two out of the three writers are responsible for the creation of South Park, which has had its fair share of controversy over the course of its run.  And the other man co-wrote Avenue Q, which has been equally controversial in its run.

My lowest expectation for this show was the music, but I have been humming the soundtrack for the past couple of days.  The songs are catchy and well written.  The entire ensemble is wonderful with great performance from Andrew Rannells and Nikki M. James (who won the TONY).  Comedic timing is everything with the show and the cast excels wonderfully!

Now I will be honest, the Book of Mormon is not for everyone.  The gentleman seated next to me was not happy with some of the jokes or musical numbers.  The language at times can be excessive as well.  If you are not a fan of South Park, this may not be the musical for you.  If you are not a fan of equal opportunity haters, this may not be the musical for you.  However if you are ready to spend two hours laughing at the absurdity of life and at times yourself, this is the perfect show.

All in all, I definitely would recommend the Book of Mormon.  It was an incredible two hours of theatre and life.  The show is continues to sell out six months in advance, so I recommend planning your trip now!  Be warned there are a lot of online scammers, and there were several scalpers outside of the theatre.  New York Guest works with a licensed broker to bring you legitimate tickets.

You are free to contact me directly at with any questions about the show, who it’s appropriate for, or other shows.  And as always you can contact one of the New York Guest Travel Planners at or at 212-302-4019.


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An Empire State of Mind

by Louise, Community Manager

Now famous for its prominent role as the home of the Bass family on the popular TV show Gossip Girl, the Empire Hotel, and its iconic sign, has actually been a staple of New York City’s Upper West Side for many years. I had occasion to visit the hotel last week for the very first time, and it made me wish I didn’t already live in New York City so that I could spend a weekend at the Empire without it being a rather strange thing to do.

The luxurious lobby of the Empire features a multitude of comfortable couches and armchairs where you can enjoy a drink from the lobby bar and some free wireless internet, or just watch the people come and go. There is balcony level seating that offers more privacy and a view of the entry way: the perfect spot to curl up with a glass of good wine and catch up on your e-mails after a day of New York sightseeing.

The Empire’s guest rooms are well-appointed and comfortable, with divine bedding and an excellent selection of mini bar snacks, and rooms boast an amazing view of the city – especially the King and Double Double rooms on the North side of the building (check out the view in my photo to the right! Also, if you have a large family there is an option to reserve one room with a king bed, one room with two double beds, and a “living room” in the middle with a couch, TV, table and chairs, and an additional bathroom – effectively creating yourself a two bedroom, three bathroom apartment for your trip. And if you’ve ever traveled with a large family, I’m sure you can imagine how much more harmonious a third bathroom can make your trip!

The awesomeness of the Empire doesn’t end at the guest rooms, though. Some of the hotel’s best features are right at the top! The Empire Rooftop Bar is a scene year-round, with bottle service and music every night, and you’ll often find a long line to get in. The views are tremendous and the cocktails delicious. If, like me, you’re not into the serious party scene, check it out during Happy Hour early in the evening when the drinks are cheaper and you can enjoy the view in quieter surroundings.

To be totally honest, the bar is not my favorite part of the Empire rooftop. There is an even higher section of the bi-level roof and here you’ll find the pool and the unbelievably awesome pool deck. The pool is modestly sized (but come on, you’re swimming on a roof! In Manhattan!) but in my opinion, the deck is the real star of this section of the Empire (and possibly the hotel in general). When you’re a guest at the Empire you are welcome to spend an afternoon lounging in a deck chair with a phenomenal view of Manhattan, basking in the sun and sipping a cocktail. Try as I might, I can’t think of many ideas for an afternoon more awesome than that.

Of course, the location of the Empire is amazing as well, with Central Park a few blocks east, Lincoln Center a block or so north, the Time Warner Center and Columbus Circle a short walk south, and all of Manhattan at your fingertips. It’s a fine choice for your New York City trip! Check out our Girlfriend Getaway package featuring the Empire, or e-mail to get a quote for a customized package!

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Booze With a View: NYC’s Best Rooftop Hotspots

by Nicole Vullo of Nitetables

Nothing’s better than having a drink with friends…except for having one (or more) while perched at the perfect table at one of the city’s most popular open-air bars.We’ve rounded up nine New York warm-weather wonders where you can sip, eat and/or dance beneath the stars and skyline.

HOTEL CHANTELLE (92 Ludlow St.) Ooh la la! If not for the sight of the nearby Williamsburg Bridge, the gorgeous top floor of this chic, three-floor rest-lounge would have you swearing you were in Paris. Thanks to the clear, retractable roof, Hotel Chantelle and its brasserie decor (think old-fashioned standing street lamps and pretty, striped garden furniture) can be enjoyed year-round. Come for happy hour and enjoy 1/2-price artisanal cocktails at the bar (try the Clementine or the Delancey); once you get a buzz going, we bet you stay for dinner. As the hour grows later, bottles abound, and the place fills with stylish Lower East Side types. John Legend, Charlotte Ronson and Tilda Swinson have all partied here, and the Soho International Film Festival folks like it so much they held two of their recent 2012 Filmmakers Lounges on the premises.

Sample Deal: Hotel Chantelle’s $500 Executive package offers a party of eight free admission, a VIP table and two bottles of Ultimat vodka.

SKY ROOM (330 West 40th St.) The name says it all! Located on the 33rd and 34th floors of the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Times Square, this sophisticated, two-level lounge/club (pictured above) never lets you forget that you are partying in the middle of it all. Indeed, it’s the highest rooftop lounge in the city and features five distinct lounge areas with cabanas, terraces, private rooms — one even boasts a greenhouse-like ceiling. And the exotic, eccentric decor (think illuminated furniture and illuminated floor tiles) is almost as dazzling as the 360-degree city views.

Sample Deal: Sky Room’s $400 Birthday Bash package offers a party of 6 free admission, along with a VIP table, a bottle of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut, a half-bottle of Corzo tequila and a birthday cake.

HUDSON RIVER CAFÉ (697 West 133rd St.) From May through October, this West Harlem restaurant/lounge/club is one of the most desirable locations in the city, thanks to an abundance of outdoor space on the Hudson River. Come Memorial Day weekend, the tents that keep patrons warm through the winter will come down, allowing unobstructed views of outrageous sunsets. After dark, drinking, dancing and general revelry ensues, thanks to DJs spinning a wide range of music: hip-hop, Latin, house and more.

Sample Deal: For only $100, Hudson River Cafe’s Couples Nite dinner package offers you and a date each comped admission, as well choice of an appetizer, entrée and dessert, and unlimited house champagne.

HUDSON TERRACE (621 West 46th St.) Already regarded as one of city’s best-loved rooftops,  thanks to luxe VIP cabanas with stunning views of midtown and the Hudson River, this upscale nightclub is about to become even more of a draw. On May 5, when Hudson Terrace opens its retractable roof for the first time this season, they’ll also unveil formidable upgrades to their sound and lighting systems. Expect a bash to rival the New York Giants’ recent Super Bowl Victory Party! (Psst: The NiteTables launch party, with performances by Kat Deluna and Joe Budden, was held here too.)

Sample Deal: Hudson Terrace’s Grey Goose Package provides free admission and reserved cabana for up to 10 guests, along with 3 bottles of Grey Goose vodka and a bottle of Gabrielle for $1,150.

COPACABANA (268 West 47th St.) Having relocated to its new Midtown West location last year, the world-famous Copa ups the ante with its recently opened an top-floor, open-air lounge. (Although, thanks to a retractable cover, patrons can “raise the roof” whatever the weather.) Outfitted with lush leather couches, its own bar area and the Copa’s trademark Cuban-style decor, this is sure to be a hotspot for Summer 2012.

Sample Deal: One of our most popular packages, the $200 Copa’s Buenos Noches package gets the party started with free admission and a reserved table for five guests, along with a bottle of Absolut & Flavors.

BAR 13 (35 East 13th St.) Want to party below 14th Street but don’t want to deal with the doorman and velvet rope drama that usually comes with it? Consider Bar 13. This high-energy, no-pretension bar/lounge/club is always a good time, and it’s especially hopping when the roof is open for business (and pleasure!). Enjoy the warm weather atop Union Square without having to descend stairs to get another drink: The outdoor deck’s got its own bar.

Sample Deal: Bar 13’s Stepping Out package offers a party of four people, free admission, a reserved table and a bottle of Absolut for $250.

NAKED LUNCH (17 Thompson St.) As anyone who’s ever walked along Thompson Street on a beautiful evening knows, this place throws parties that spill out onto the sidewalk! Naked Lounge is always a vibrant scene, but revelers turn it up to 11 during spring and summer when the oversized windows and doors are thrown open. The girls — and guys! — here just wanna have fun while sipping their cucumber mojitos (the house specialty) and singing along to the best music of the 80s, 90s and today. Bachelorette parties welcome!

Sample Deal: The Party Time package offers three bottles of Ketel One, two bottles of house champagne, admission for 15 guests and reserved seating for $825.

TONIC EAST (411 Third Ave.) You don’t have to wait for nightfall to enjoy the roof atop this laid-back Murray Hill eatery/lounge. This space is as good for savoring an after-work libation as it is for tipsily toasting to the greatest city in the world — especially while gazing up at the nearby Empire State Building. A DJ is usually on hand spinning familiar hits and, starting this spring, Tonic East will hold an all-day happy hour on its roof from noon to 8 p.m.

Sample Deal: Don’t like to share? Book Tonic East’s Rooftop Open Bar Patio Party, and your group can have the entire roof to yourselves! The package is good for 20 people and perfect for a company party, birthday or bachelor/bachelorette bash. This $1,500 ($75 per person) package includes three-hour, top-shelf open-bar privileges (draft and bottled beer, wine and soda included) and a full buffet (includes your choice of three appetizers, two salads, two entrees and two side dishes).

TRAFFIC (701 Ninth Ave.) Located in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s a comfortable after-work spot for drinks and eats during the spring and summer. Decorated with a modern industrial feel, Traffic features three floor-to-ceiling garage doors that, when opened, create a completely open-air space. Additionally, a large island bar allows for service on all sides and is flanked by two communal cocktail tables.

Sample Deal: Traffic’s $160 Green Light Girls Night package offers four gal pals six appetizers, a bottle of Castello Di Gabbiano Pinot Grigio and a bottle of Colores del Sol Malbec. NOTE: this must be booked 24 hours in advance.

This is a guest blog from our friends at Nitetables. Check out their website for exclusive deals on nightlife throughout NYC (and LA, too!)

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Catch a Rising Star – Peter and the Starcatcher

by Kelly, Manager of Group & Partner Services

The Brooks Atkinson theatre has been transformed into a playground for the imagination with the new production of “Peter and the Starcatcher” – currently in previews.

Officially opening April 15th, “Peter and the Starcatcher” delves into the backstory of how a lonely, nameless orphan with a distrust of all adults and a nefarious pirate looking for a true hero to forever be his adversary embrace their destinies of becoming the beloved characters we know as Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Sailing aboard a ship called the “Neverland,” the nameless orphan simply called Boy encounters a free-spirited and determined young girl named Molly Aster.  Molly is hiding an intriguing secret – her father, Lord Aster, is one of a handful of “Starcatchers,” who have been tasked by Queen Victoria to protect and ultimately destroy a trunk full of fallen “star stuff” (bits of fallen stars that have magical properties), so that the masses will be safe from its powers.  Molly, in fact, is an apprentice “Starcatcher,” and is intent on being useful to her father on this, her first important mission.  Mucking up the works is a pirate named Black Stache (who earns the name by sporting an impressive black mustache), who is under the misinformation that the trunk is carrying treasure – which he is intent on stealing.

Molly enlists the help of Boy and two other orphans who are being held below deck to help her protect the “star stuff,” even when the “Neverland” crashes and they are forced onto a nearby island full of irritated natives and one very creepy mermaid.  As the quartet of heroes attempts to complete their mission, Boy comes to terms with his wish to “just be a boy for awhile” and adopts the moniker of Peter Pan, ending with an ultimate battle with Black Stache that solidifies their future of being foes forever.

A sprinkling of “star stuff” is felt by every audience member as the magic of this fantastical story is brought to life using unorthodox methods – making the imagination of the audience a necessary tool.  The 12-person cast has its work cut out for them, as the cast (including the leads) plays over 100 different roles combined.   Pop culture references are mixed with sporadic songs and sophisticated dialogue, leading the audience on a whirlwind adventure.  I, for one, loved every second.

The actors leading the magical journey are Adam Chanler-Berat, Celia Keenan-Bolger, and Christian Borle as Boy/Peter Pan, Molly Aster and Black Stache.  All three are veterans of the Broadway stage – Chanler-Berat boasts credits in “Next to Normal,” and the current Off-Broadway revival of “Rent,” while Keenan-Bolger is still fresh from her City Center Encores! production of “Merrily We Roll Along,” and is also known for the “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” as well as the revival of “Les Miserables.”  Borle is the most recognizable of the trio – though his hefty list of Broadway credits includes (among others) “Spamalot,” “Mary Poppins,” and “Legally Blonde,” he is making quite a mark these days on TV, playing songwriter Tom Levitt on NBC’s “Smash.”  The only member of the trio I was not previously familiar with is Chanler-Berat – I am a big fan of “Spelling Bee,” and loved Keenan-Bolger in “Merrily,” and I fell heavily into the Christian Borle fanclub the night I moved to New York City and saw my first Broadway show – “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” where he was playing the leading role of Jimmy (I’m also a big “Legally Blonde” fan – I admit it!).

The leading trio is exceptional – Chanler-Berat’s angsty “lost boy” appeal worked perfectly with Keenan-Bolger’s determined moxie as a young girl whose innocence is constantly battled by her growing awareness and looming adult responsibilities.  While the two of them are exceptional, it is Borle’s portrayal of Black Stache that truly steals the show – which is hard to do in a cast full of terrific performances.  Borle’s performance is full of extremes – angry outbursts, powerful comedic moments, and physical slapstick comedy – one scene in particular was so funny even Celia Keenan-Bolger had a hard time keeping a straight face on stage.  The ensemble is just as skilled, rounding out every scene with heart and humor.

You would think that a show like this, one that sets the scene for a story as magical as Peter Pan, would be full of flashy costumes, light displays, and flying spectacles.  The best part is – it’s not, and you don’t miss those tricks for a second.  The imagination of a human being is highly underestimated these days, but “Peter and the Starcatcher” gives the audience a chance to make believe along with the cast – simple props assist in creating the world around them, including unforgettable characters like the giant crocodile that haunts Captain Hook.  The set, while sparse in act one, turns into a magical island in act two, setting the scene for the transformation into the Neverland we have come to know and love.

It is truly rare when a show can make an audience laugh, cry, feel, and most of all…think, but this is indeed one of those shows.  I was sitting in the midst of a wide array of audience member types, and every one of them – from the visiting Texans to my left to the 9-year-old boy out with his grandparents to my right – were entranced and under the spell cast by “Peter and the Starcatcher.”  The power of make-believe is truly a great one…and it’s a joy when a show like this makes its way to Broadway and brings us all along for the ride.  Don’t miss this magical journey at the Brooks Atkinson theatre.

Contact us for your Peter & the Starcatcher tickets at!

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