The Ace is the Place

by Paul, New York Guest Travel Planner

When one passes the Ace Hotel, one notices that it holds a peculiar charm. From the outside, one sees that the Ace is oddly out of place because its quaintness that you notice is in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan, and that is most certainly a good thing. The Hotel is intent on making the guest feel welcomed and relaxed, and that is an objective they accomplish the moment the guest enters the lobby. The soft-key lighting in the lobby separates the guest from Midtown’s chaos. In my opinion, that is what a good hotel is supposed to do: make the guest feel as comfortable as possible while being away from home, and that is not always easy in the city that never sleeps.

When guests enter, they are met by an open area filled with comfortable sofas, tables and chairs, and there is some intimate proximity between the people. It is always comforting to know that guests are able to mingle and converse in the main lobby; it is all just a matter of extending a hand and saying “hi.” Therefore, a single guest can easily make a travel companion and do away with the harsh criticism that New York City can be an apathetic culture. But of course, the guest can also choose to maintain the stereotype and connect to the Ace’s complimentary wifi access and experience the American coffee shop culture.

Homey comfort certainly is a theme present in the Ace Hotel, and it is all done in vintage style – it is quite a creative approach for the hotel to present itself. When the guest walks into the room, the guest is met with beautiful artwork worthy of a Chelsea or DUMBO gallery. A classic Polaroid camera lies waiting on the table, and the best thing is that the Ace Hotel wants its guests to play with such an epochal item. The experience is equal to playing a mono record on the record player – it is fun, and of course, the Ace hotel sells the film needed to take physical snapshots of New York City, instead of the intangible digital photographs that get lost in the digital world.

But of course, New York City has inspired many artists and musicians like Bob Dylan or even the entire beat generation. That is the ambiance that the Ace Hotel captures, as is evident by the guitars present in some of the rooms. They almost encourage the guest to channel their inner Phil Ochs in the privacy of their own room, while enjoying the remarkable rooftop gardens, and buildings worthy of cinematic appreciation.

The Ace Hotel is definitely a hotel worth checking out (and checking in). It has a lot to offer to the many young people who want to experience the artistic and bohemian New York City because the Ace does an incredible job of emulating that environment, while also emulating the comfort and coziness you can also find at home.

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