This Book Will Change Your Life

by Eileen, New York Guest Travel Planner

Quick— name the hottest show on Broadway!

Did you guess the Book of Mormon?

Since its debut last season, the Book of Mormon has remained the hottest ticket around in American Theatre.  I was incredibly lucky to obtain my ticket months in advance after a great deal of patience and plain old luck.  After listening to the hype machine for a year, I went into the show with high expectations.

The Book of Mormon is vulgar, offensive, vulgar, and hysterical!  I had a smile on my face the entire time.  You cannot go into this show without knowing a little bit about its creators— Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Robert Lopez.  Two out of the three writers are responsible for the creation of South Park, which has had its fair share of controversy over the course of its run.  And the other man co-wrote Avenue Q, which has been equally controversial in its run.

My lowest expectation for this show was the music, but I have been humming the soundtrack for the past couple of days.  The songs are catchy and well written.  The entire ensemble is wonderful with great performance from Andrew Rannells and Nikki M. James (who won the TONY).  Comedic timing is everything with the show and the cast excels wonderfully!

Now I will be honest, the Book of Mormon is not for everyone.  The gentleman seated next to me was not happy with some of the jokes or musical numbers.  The language at times can be excessive as well.  If you are not a fan of South Park, this may not be the musical for you.  If you are not a fan of equal opportunity haters, this may not be the musical for you.  However if you are ready to spend two hours laughing at the absurdity of life and at times yourself, this is the perfect show.

All in all, I definitely would recommend the Book of Mormon.  It was an incredible two hours of theatre and life.  The show is continues to sell out six months in advance, so I recommend planning your trip now!  Be warned there are a lot of online scammers, and there were several scalpers outside of the theatre.  New York Guest works with a licensed broker to bring you legitimate tickets.

You are free to contact me directly at with any questions about the show, who it’s appropriate for, or other shows.  And as always you can contact one of the New York Guest Travel Planners at or at 212-302-4019.



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