Woodbury Commons, Shopping Mecca

by Danielle, New York Guest Concierge

After living in NYC for 7 years I FINALLY went to Woodbury Commons and now I know why it’s one of New York’s most visited attractions. It was amazing. The best outlet store selection, anywhere.

First of all, it’s really well laid out. You’re never too far from your car or bus stop, yet you almost feel like you are in an amusement park. They have nice, clean restrooms scattered throughout the property along with lockers to store backpacks or any extra package that you don’t want to carry anymore. There are plenty of drink and ice cream vending machines around every other corner, should you have not opted for one of the many lemonade, ice cream, or kettle corn stands. There is also a regular food court that is inside and climate controlled.

Woodbury Commons is an outdoor facility but the stores are so well-designed that you can pop out of one and into another in just a few seconds.

And let’s talk about those stores. Such a wide range of choices!! From very high end–Gucci, Coach, Barney’s–to moderate–Levi, Gap, J. Crew. My husband and I didn’t know where to start, so we hit them all! Well, we walked to every area and passed at least all of the stores. We were more judicious about where we actually needed to shop.
Some store did have lines outside, letting people in a few at a time. While a bit frustrating, I totally understood when we entered the Tori Burch store. If you are shopping for the higher end items, you want more personal attention and less craziness when trying on $200 shoes.

The craziness. Not that bad. We went on a holiday weekend and while yes, there were plenty of people there, I didn’t feel completely crushed or frantic. If a store was crazy busy (Ralph Lauren), we just went to another store and came back later. The stores have plenty of inventory, so I wasn’t worried about missing out. My husband walked away with 2 nice polo shirts later on in the day, no problem. And people come here to shop. Many many people had suitcases in tow that at the beginning of the day were empty, but by the end of the day was full of fantastic purchases. Very smart if you plan on taking advantage of all this place has to offer.

The best way to get there is by bus if you aren’t doing a private charter for a group. The buses game at regular times and can hold all of your wares at the end of the day. Plus, you get to look at the beautiful view while someone else worries about traffic.  And lets not forget the setting! We were in the beautiful Catskill mountains just an hour outside of NYC! It really was gorgeous and overall a wonderful day. We will definitely be returning!

Click here to book your Woodbury Commons day trip online, or e-mail us at info@newyorkguest.com to plan a shopping-centric trip to NYC!


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