Dans Le Noir – Dining in the Dark

by Alexandra, Concierge Manager

I am so excited to share with you the most memorable experiences I have ever had in my life. Recently I and one of my colleagues attended a concierge event at the New York City restaurant Le Dans Noir, where you dine in pitch black.

I am a person that eats with her eyes: I have to see what I’m eating and if it doesn’t look appetizing, then I don’t want to eat it. So at first when I heard this experience would take place in total darkness, I was nervous because i didn’t know what to anticipate. But then as the host and owner spoke about their success in London and Japan and how they employ blind or disabled waiters, hosts, Maitre d’, etc. the excitement began to build. Ten percent of the profit goes to charities. Beyond their do-good efforts, they strive to create an experience where your other senses are heightened.

So you’re probably asking, “how do you order?” It’s simple. They have four menu choices based on color:

  • White for chef’s choice
  • Green for vegetarians
  • Blue for seafood lovers
  • Red for meat lovers.

Based on your choice, you receive an appetizer, and entree and dessert. I chose the seafood menu.

After placing your order, you are given a locker where you must leave your cell phone, purse and any and all belongs that give off any sort of light. You are then escorted to the special dining room by your blind guide and seated next to complete strangers. This is great because you lose your inhibitions and do not judge people by their looks. You feel as if you have known your new friends all your life. Conversations swell, the noise level does go up a bit… more than normal. It’s like a roller coaster experience once the food comes out. The food was amazing. Of course, the ingredients have to be incredibly fresh because your sense of taste is heightened. You use your fingers and your sense of smell and you have to guess what your eating, nobody tells you. It’s just an overall amazing, unforgettable experience.

We were told that celebrities love places like this because they aren’t scrutinized and can enjoy their meal in peace. William and Kate often eat at the sister restaurant in Paris. Wow… who knows who you could be seated next to!

At the end of the meal, the lights were turned back on and the chef came out and showed us a set up plate of everything we eat!!! WOW. Most of our guesses were very far off!

If you’re an adventurous eater this is an experience you must have for yourself!


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