Team building at its finest on the New York Harbor!

by Louise, Director of Operations

Riding in style, as always

October 14th was a perfect Autumn night. The temperature hovered around 65 degrees with a beautiful breeze and the skies were clear as the New York Guest team assembled outside the Grayline Visitor’s Center. We were all so thankful for the gorgeous weather as our evening included a 2 hour twilight cruise with Citysightseeing, our new favorite choice for cruising New York Harbor.

Enjoying dinner in the main cabin

We rode in style atop a double decker bus (of course, we wouldn’t travel any other way) to Pier 78 on 38th street, where we immediately boarded the vessel designated for us. We’re always a team that gets right down to business, so we quickly set about dining on the generous and tasty buffet of salad, pasta, chicken marsala and plentiful sweets. Most of us got the formality of eating out of the way before we even left the dock, so we could head to the upper deck with our glasses of wine and beer to enjoy the live DJ and the beautiful evening.

Some of the team relaxing on the back deck

Early on in the evening, the upper deck became a dance floor while the indoor lower deck served as a haven for those who needed a little respite from the madness. At the back of the boat there was a smaller outdoor area where still other revelers gathered to enjoy the scenery and chat.

This view never gets old!

While the DJ was mostly focused on encouraging everyone to dance and have fun, he also pointed out the important sites as we passed them – the Brooklyn Bridge, the Freedom Tower, and of course, the Statue of Liberty. No matter how many times you’ve seen these sites, and even no matter how many times you’ve seen them from the water, there is just nothing like gazing up at Lady Liberty as she stands in all her glory surrounded by a sky filled with stars.

More team members enjoying the final dance of the evening

Too soon, our 2 hours on the water came to a close and we danced one final dance as the awesome crew docked our boat back at Pier 78. Our double decker chariot awaited and made three convenient stops at Penn Station, Port Authority and Grand Central so that everyone would have easy access to a subway that would take them home.

We all agreed it was absolutely one of the best work events we’d ever attended, and would highly recommend the experience to any company looking to host an unforgettable evening for their employees, though Citysightseeing charters are available for any type of event at all. Not only that, but even if you aren’t booking an event you can enjoy a wonderful Citysightseeing Cruise any day of the week, with several 90 and 60 minute options sailing daily. We know you’ll have a blast!


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