Wrestlemania, here we come!

by Eileen, New York Guest Travel Planner

Nine years ago, I watched as Madison Square Garden filled up with fog as minions in hooded cloaks lined the main aisle to the squared circle holding torches.  The arena was deprived of all artificial light as a tall figure emerged from the main stage and walked down to the ring to face his opponent.  This was not the beginning of a play or musical, this was Wrestlemania 20.

I know that wrestling sharply divides people– either you like it or you do not.  This blog is not an argument for why you should watch wrestling; it is a blog explaining one of my greatest passions. I love wrestling.  I love the theatrics, the physical strain, and the general thrill that comes with it.  I am fully aware that the story lines are scripted, that matches and spots are planned in advance, and that sometimes the two guys in the ring trying to beat each other can be the best of friends outside of the ring.  I liken wrestling to performance art, perhaps a low budget version, but it there is an art to it.  It’s not easy to get an arena of thousands to hate you or embrace you as one of their own in seconds.  It’s not easy to put on a match that captures and engages the audience.  I’ve seen some wrestlers fall short of the high expectations that are placed upon them, but I’ve also seen wrestlers exceed expectations and that’s when the true magic really happens.

Over the course of my fandom, I’ve seen maybe about ten wrestling shows in person.  The majority of those shows were “house shows”, meaning they were not broadcast live on television.  I’ve been to Monday Night Raw a few times, and I believe I did go to a Smackdown show at one point.  I went to my first pay-per-view event last year when the annual Survivor Series was held at the Garden.   New York is big wrestling town.  The mass transit system makes it so easy for fans to get into the city and a lot of the fans are diehards.  They watch, they follow, and they breathe wrestling.  So to go to an event were a major superstar of the business made his return to the ring after seven years surrounded by fellow diehard fans, is an experience I still cannot fully put into words.

The most well-known wrestling event in the world is Wrestlemania.  The first Wrestlemania was held at MSG in 1985 and featured a slew of celebrity guests as well as wrestling favorites.  Wrestlemanias have taken place every year in all parts of the country.  Like the Olympics, cities do make bids to host Wrestlemania.  The week leading up to Wrestlemania includes days of activities, meet and greets, and the Hall of Fame ceremony.  The resources and main power it takes to put on a Wrestlemania boosts local economies so cities want to host the event.

I promised my best friend that we go to Wrestlemania one day.  With the beautiful Met Life Stadium opening last year, the WWE announced that Wrestlemania 29 would be held in New Jersey on April 7, 2013.  The week before events leading up to Wrestlemania will be held throughout the Metropolitan area.  A group of my closest friends and I have been coordinating for a week to get tickets, and this morning we were able to get floor seating via the pre-sale.  As cliché as the phrase, this is one of the things that I am able to cross of my bucket list.  I am still high from the excitement of seeing our seats pop up on the computer screen.  Now I can only wait and wish the months pass as quickly as I hope to get to that fateful Sunday.

People come from all over the world to see Wrestlemania!  If you are even thinking about coming, contact us!  We can help with Wrestlemania tickets, accommodation, event recommendation, as well as other New York activities.  To get a quote, fill out our online request form. If you mention Wrestlemania, you can be you’ll be hearing from me!


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