The Top 10 People of New York photos

New Yorkers are an eclectic bunch, and this month’s top 10 certainly capture that. From daily commutes to once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, there is always a moment worth capturing on (or beneath) the streets of NYC.

Scroll down to check out the candidates, then cast your vote for the winner! Voting will be open until 9 AM EST on 11/26/12.

#1 by Connor Brown Morse

#2 by Ilse Neugebauer

#3 by Juliana Alonso

#4 by Kali Jones

#5 by Juliana Alonso

#6 by Laura Ghisalberti

#7 by Linda Brown

#8 by Luca Martignoni

#9 by Matt Rennie

#10 by Paul Quinones










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