Why I think Broadway is a Must

by Louise, Director of Operations

For some folks, it’s a given that if you’re coming to New York, you’re going to go to a Broadway show. Others question why it is necessary – it’s not an inexpensive activity, so really, what makes it worth it? Sometimes I struggle to explain it, but experiences like the one I had yesterday make me remember.

peter2I don’t hesitate to admit that a large portion of my spending money goes to Broadway tickets. Even as someone who has never acted, sung or danced a day in my life (not well, anyway), Broadway has always made me feel a way that nothing else does. There have been many shows that sparked my imagination and warmed my heart, and the 2012 season brought one of the most magical experiences I will ever have – Peter & the Starcatcher. I first saw the show last May, and couldn’t stay away long after that (I returned just 10 days later for my birthday). Last night the cast gave their final performance at the Brooks Atkinson Theater and I was lucky enough to be there (my 8th time seeing it).

From thcast© Monica Simoese moment the cast assembled on stage for the opening of the show, they and the audience acknowledged what an emotional experience this was. The audience clapped for several minutes before the cast spoke a single word. Tears were flowing both on and off stage already. The energy in the room was so overwhelming in the most wonderful way, a feeling that seems more and more elusive in our increasingly isolated world.

And this is why you need to go to a Broadway show. These days we’re always hearing “You don’t even have to leave home!” as though being able to do something from your couch makes it the ultimate experience. It’s just not so. Experiencing something beautiful and heartfelt side by side with a thousand other people, in a theater filled with love and emotion…there’s just no comparison.

cast© Monica SimoesAfter the Peter & the Starcatcher cast took their final Broadway bow, playwright Rick Elice came out and gave an amazing speech, reducing everyone to tears once again, talking about how when you fall in love you are forever changed, and how the experience of bringing this show to life was love from the beginning. Even as just an audience member,  I understood what he meant. The plot of Starcatcher is driven by Starstuff, a magical substance that falls from the sky and changes anyone who touches it into what they want to be. While I (sadly) can’t say I’ve turned into a mermaid or found eternal youth, seeing this show for me was like finding Starstuff; it absolutely changed me. You can’t pass up the chance to let something wonderful change you – you must see a show on your trip!

If you need help deciding which show (or shows) you should see, you can reach me at lgeller@newyorkguest.com. Peter & the Starcatcher re-opens off Broadway on March 18th, so you can still see it if you are visiting this spring!


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