Peter & the Starcatcher Still Flies Off Broadway

peternew2This spring Peter and the Starcatcher moved from the Brooks Atkinson Theater to the excellent Off Broadway venue, New World Stages. This play has been the subject of a number of blogs in the past, and we’re happy to say it is still the absolute best! Concierge Laura experienced the show for the first time recently, read about her experience below!

Peter and the Starcatcher is a play based on a novel of similar name by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, and the play provides a backstory for the character of Peter Pan.

I recently went to see Peter and the Starcatcher, and I must admit, it was surprising! It wasn’t like any other show I had seen before! This show invites you to let your imagination fly far, far away, and you have to have your mind and imagination open so you can fully understand the show.

peternew3It also brought me back to my childhood; who hasn’t watched Peter Pan? From the moment when you sit down in your seat at the theater you enjoy every second of it. Also, let’s not forget the marvelous acting that keeps you laughing at all the hilarious moments (many of the characters are sailors, and sailors are funny!), but it also has subtle layers of humor that doesn’t let anyone –anyone who is paying attention- stay indifferent. Captain “Black Stache” (played by Rick Holmes) is one of the highlights of the play; you feel like making fun of him, or even better, you have fun with him: the actor does a magnificent job portraying him, with such passion and emphasis. Another wonderful comic character, Mrs. Bumbrake (Jon Patrick Walker), is portrayed a male actor, and who doesn’t enjoy looking at a man playing the role of a women, not hiding that he is a man and despite his feminine behavior? Every time he would talk he would crack me up.

peternew1Children and adults will enjoy this play. For a child, there is the whole new discovering-your-imagination part, (like at the time on the play when they show you a little wooden ship and ask you to believe that they are actually in it). Adults can practice the same exercise, as sometimes we forget to let our imagination go.

The interesting part is: Peter Pan expresses all through the play why he doesn’t want to grow up, and hey, his reasoning is not bad at all, that is a face of Peter Pan that you usually don’t really get to see.

If you like plays, and you are looking into watching a different type of play, Peter and the Starcatcher is the play to see. You will have fun, you will be amazed by the intelligence of the show and you will probably want to see it again, so you can reminisce on the details that you think you might have forgotten the first time, as this exquisite play is full, full of details. You will be surprised of what can come from a play that basically only uses a rope and a ladder for almost two hours and a half. As I advised, just let your imagination go and you will have the best time.


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