The Best Wedding Ever

by Leslie, Concierge

tonyntina2Everyone loves a wedding and I am no exception! Tony and Tina’s wedding is the best one I have ever attended, real or fake, and I have been a bridesmaid seven times. This one of a kind theater experience breaks all the rules of traditional shows, allowing every guest to participate in the wedding, reception, and all the other antics created by the hilarious cast.

Tony and Tina are the dream couple in love and their wedding has all the pomp and circumstance required for a memorable event! From the brides overly fluffed dress to the grooms bright white tux every detail for a real wedding is present and in excess!    However, Tony and Tina’s wedding is not all champagne and Taffeta, when their Italian-American family and friends get involved and create mischief throughout the three hour event.

As soon as you arrive at the wedding ceremony the show has begun. Actors are in the lobby and in character welcoming guests and taking care of last minute details. Each guest exchanges their ticket for an invitation and is then shown to their seats by ushers or the wedding party.   Cast members are great with the audience, every actor is dressed to impress and comes with their own storyline for the evening. The family drama that ensues might remind you of your own domestic squabbles but Tony and tonyntinaTina’s family arguments are so outlandish you will be giddy with laughter.

Throughout the night you will have plenty of time to mix and mingle with all of the cast members and even gossip and play a part in the crazy capers. I personally became friends with a Nun named Teri. She is a hilarious comic, talented actress and downright adorable. Throughout the night Teri the Nun and I checked in with each other to see how the night was going, danced to Lady Gaga and sang Britney Spears. Teri the Nun isn’t the only gem in the cast, all of the actors are personable including The Best Man who asked my husband’s name once and remembered him all night. He even posted a picture of them together on Instagram during the show. In fact, Social Media is encouraged throughout the show and makes the night even more fun. Pictures taken and posted on social media are projected onto the wall by the main dance floor (yes, there is a dance floor and yes, you will be in a conga line at some point.) Tony and Tina have even purchased Wi-Fi for the night making internet access quick and easy.

tonyntina3The reception takes place in a large private room at Guy’s American Kitchen where the wedding guests enjoy delicious pasta and salad for dinner and of course a slice of wedding cake. Drinks can also be purchased for a reasonable price if you would like a few spirits to help you during the conga. A DJ hosts the reception and also preforms throughout the evening. Even the waiters and waitresses are actors and they take part in the reception drama all through the night. Tony and Tina’s wedding is the only thing you need to do this spring. Get your tickets today and join in the festive celebration of true love, family and all the hilarious drama that accompanies it!

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