Who is New York Guest?

Every year over 100,000 visitors turn to New York Guest for advice, recommendations and reservations on the best way to enjoy a New York vacation and stay. That’s nearly 1 million happy and satisfied customers since 2002!

Visitors and guests come to New York Guest because we offer great, practical advice from a local perspective. Our New York experts, who live and work right in the city, help visitors plan and select the best places to stay, the best overall value hotels, wonderful tours and sightseeing plans (**special discounts just for our clients), perfect tickets to Broadway shows and sporting events, places for lunch and dinner that only locals know about and a full range of airport transfer options. If you’re travelling with a family or part of a group, we have a separate department just for you. Corporate event and meeting are also a specialty we excel at for our clients.

New York Guest has its headquarters in the heart of Manhattan – blocks for Times Square, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Broadway Theatre district and Rockefeller Center and NBC as well .

Unlike the big OTAs (online travel agents), we have a staff that lives and breathes the city every day. When we make a suggestion, we know what we are talking about because every one of the staff has been to the hotels, restaurants and sights; been on the tours and walked the city day after day. Our knowledge and expertise mean you will get great advice and will never be surprised or disappointed.

We know the hotels to recommend (and the ones to avoid). We know the best Broadway shows and have low cost ticket options. We have the most popular tours (many at unannounced discounts) as well as several exclusive sightseeing trips. We recommend real New York restaurant dining experiences at all price ranges rather then food factories or uninspired chain establishments.

And we offer something else: a real, warm and friendly experience with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. We have an impeccable record for excellent customer service, are members of many important travel and tour organizations and are known for going the extra mile to help visitors have great experiences in NYC. We are also known because every day, we meet and exceed every expectation; always with a smile and thank you.

When you choose New York Guest, you’re more than a client; you’re part of our family.

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