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A Yankee Stadium Primer

by Louise, Director of Operations

Opening day was this week at both Yankee Stadium and Citifield, and now we’re in the midst of what we hope will be a very long and exciting baseball season!

While Citifield is always a more economical alternative for baseball games during your visit to NYC, most requests we get are to see the 27-time World Champions. I can’t say I blame you – I LOVE the Yankees! Based on the numerous conversations I’ve had when helping fans book Yankees packages, I thought I’d offer some of my best tips:

Have an idea of where you want to sit

Yankees1Before you go, you need tickets, right? It’s always a good idea to know where you want to sit, although we’ll be happy to offer you options. Here are some quick tips:

–          400 Level is “Grandstand”: The highest up seats, furthest from the action, and also usually the best prices (of course). There’s no bad view, so if you’re just looking for the experience Grandstand is a great option. But don’t think you can buy 400 level tickets and sneak into the field level seats – there are security guards!
–          300 Level is “Terrace”: Technically the same level as Grandstand, but the terrace level includes the seats closer to the field.
–          200 level is “Loge” or “Main Level”: Quite a bit closer to the field, with higher prices to match!
–          100 level is “Field Level”: The closest you can get to the action without being a very wealthy person who can get their hands on “legends suite” seating. But be wary – if you’re looking at sections labeled 129 or higher or 111 or lower you’ll be in the outfield, and not much closer to the action than the less expensive bleachers or 200 level seats.

If you love a specific player, you may want to choose a seat that gives you a good view:

Yankees14–          Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez both play on the third base side (I would hope you’d know that if you’re a fan!). Any section that ends in 24-27 is a good option. If Jeter’s your man and you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, right by section 117 is usually where he hangs out when he’s on deck (instead of the on deck circle), and it’s also right next to the Yankees Dugout.
–          Mariano Rivera is retiring after this season (sniff) and of course spends most of the game around the Bullpen. Section 136 is field level and still next to the Yankees Bullpen, though far from the rest of the game. Bleachers 237 and 238 are pretty economical choices that will also put you right behind the Bullpen, though you could end up being fairly far back.

So in general: a section ending in 24-27 is on the third base side, 12-16 is the first base side. 17-23 are behind home plate. Anything under 12 or over 27 is the outfield. Put a 1 in front, that’s the most expensive (At least $175, usually more). Put a 4 in front, that’s the least expensive (as low as $25 for some games).

Take the subway

Yankees2Yes, Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx. I highly encourage you to freely use the subway on your visit to New York, but I know it can be a little scary if you’re not familiar. Here are my reasons why it is extra not scary to take the subway to Yankee Stadium:

–          The 4 on the east side and D on the west side go directly there with no transfers. You can transfer from most other lines to the 4 or the D without even leaving the platform
–          The stop is called Yankee Stadium. And what’s more, basically everyone on the entire train is going to get off there. You won’t miss the stop!
–          You can see the stadium from the moment you get out of the subway. All you need to do to get there is cross the street. You can’t miss it!

So in conclusion, traveling to Yankee Stadium on the subway is easy, fast, and much cheaper than taking a taxi or booking a car in advance! However, this is an important subway tip: Make sure you have money on your Metrocard for your return trip before you go to the game. You do NOT want to be waiting in line to refill your Metrocard after the game!

Get there early, but not TOO early

Yankees3The gates don’t open until 2 hours prior to the scheduled start of the game, so there’s no reason to be any earlier than that! Guests are permitted to go right up to the front of the field level to watch batting practice for the first 45 minutes after the gate open, and after that you won’t be allowed in that section unless your tickets are there. So it’s a great opportunity to get up close to the team and the players, even if your ticketed seats are in the Grandstand!

Once batting practice is over, there’s still plenty to do before the game! Monument Park, a tribute to Yankees Legends, is open until 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, but go early because the line will often be closed an hour or more beforehand so they have time to empty the park before the game.

If you still have time, the Yankees Museum near Gate 6 is open prior to the game and does not close until the 8th inning, so make it your last stop.

Be Water Wary

Yankees4You’re going to see a lot of people outside the stadium selling bottles of water for $1. It’s a great deal, in theory, because water bottles once you get inside are going to be $5. So go for it, but this is important: DO NOT OPEN THE WATER BOTTLE OUTSIDE THE STADIUM. Stadium policy is that you can bring in factory-sealed water bottles (up to 1 liter), but once it’s opened, it’s not allowed, and you just wasted $1 instead of saving $4.

Get some Grub

An average game is 3 hours long – you’re going to get hungry. If hot dogs and cracker jacks with a side of bud light are your jam, I say go for it – you’ll see them at every turn! If you’re looking for something a little different, there are more food options than you might think. Take a walk around the field level to see the widest array of culinary delights. Here are some of my favorites in the stadium:

–          ParYankees5m You’re in New York City, have an authentic NYC meal, why dontcha? Parm, an amazing sandwich shop with its flagship location in Soho, is in the Great Hall between gates 4 and 6 and they serve up a delicious fresh turkey sandwich or a meatball sub. It’s the place to go.
–          Garlic Fries What more do I need to say? They are fries. With garlic. Like, a LOT of garlic. You can find them in three locations: By section 108, by section 205, or by section 331.
–          The Food Court If you’re with a large group and everyone wants something different, the food court on the field level is your best bet for diversity in one spot. It’s located near the third base line on the field level, adjacent to section 127. You’ll find all the basics there, plus stuff like sushi, noodle bowls, fried dough, and Dylan’s Candy Bar. Nearby at Gate 4 there’s even a little farmstand that sells fresh fruit, if you are 100% set against a traditional calorie-rific baseball experience.
Yankees6          Real Cocktails & Good Beer I don’t know about you, but by the time I was 21 I was already too old for giant sugar-laden slushies with a shot of vodka. When I’m at the stadium and I want a cocktail, I usually head for the Malibu Rooftop Deck near section 310. There’s a scenic(?) view of the South Bronx and it’s not usually jam-packed. The signature Malibu Rum cocktails are not a great value at $16-18 each, but regular mixed drinks are more like $10-12 and they have a full bar. They also have a couple of microbrews on tap.

Got more questions or looking for a Yankees package? I’m always happy to talk Yankees! E-mail me at

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Making a case for The Mets

by Eileen, New York Guest Travel Planner & Resident Mets Fan

With the exception of a semester abroad in Australia during college, I’ve lived in New York my entire life. I grew up and still live in the most diverse county in the United States– Queens. I first lived in Jackson Heights and moved when I was six to Fresh Meadows, which is a little further into Long Island. Being only fifteen minutes away, the New York Mets are the only team I cheer for.

The New York Mets were born in 1962 as answer to the departure of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants for California. The departure of the two teams left a divided fan base that collectively hated the New York Yankees. The New York Metropolitans were born wearing the navy blue for the Dodgers and orange for the Giants.

As all teams do, the New York Mets had their highs (World Series Champions in 1969 and 1986, National League Eastern Division 2008) and lows (too many seasons to count, epic collapses from 2007-2010), but I still went to Shea Stadium and I continue to go to Citi Field and I think you should too.

Exhibit A. The View

There are only a few things that are truly breathtaking and the Manhattan skyline is one of them! Even I pause to catch a glimpse of Manhattan from the top of Citifield.

Exhibit B. The Food

Sure hot dogs, peanuts & cracker jacks and a beer are baseball game standards. Citi Field offers these delicious options but also had so much more! Walk behind center field and help yourself to delicious milkshakes from the Shake Shack. In the mood for Greek, Italian, Mexican, American seafood? Don’t worry Citi Field has it! Bored with your normal go-to beer? Don’t worry there is a stand dedicated to just beer- American, locally brewed, imported, dark, light! Oh and they have a gluten free stand! Come on an empty stomach, ye be warned.

My personal favorite is the Gluten Free Stand behind the first base foul pole! Yummy gluten free food? I’m sold!

Exhibit C. Cheaper Tickets

I realize that some of you readers may not have heard of the Mets before, some may have only heard of them in passing– it isn’t a big secret that the Mets are definitely the other team in New York. But they are here and they play on, which means they will do everything they can to fill the seats. The Mets are the most economically sound team in New York. They have giveaway nights (T-Shirt Tuesday) and sectioned off cheaper seats during more popular series. They want you to come to the ballpark without breaking the bank!

Many of my friends who are Yankee fans come to Citi Field more than Yankee Stadium, and that’s not because they had change of heart and jumped teams. It costs less to enjoy the other team than it is to enjoy their team.

Exhibit D. Citi Field

Many times I will purchase the least expensive ticket and head to the game. I’ll watch the first few innings of the game from my designated seat, however around the 4th inning I’ll get up and start walking around.
One of the great things about Citi Field is that you can now walk around and enjoy the game from any level in the stadium. While there aren’t any seats outside of the seating sections there are multiple areas where you can stand and enjoy the view. They even have cup holders on the benches you can lean on while standing. Why not walk around and enjoy the game?

Citi Field also knows how to entertain it’s fans between innings. While we do sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, we also sing “Lazy Mary” by Lou Monte during the 7th Inning Stretch while trying to catch a free t-shirt. We learned Spanish with Professor Reyes (’05-’09) and we always cheer when Cowbell Man comes around. Citi Field provides an atmosphere that constantly keeps your attention while keeping the fous on baseball.

One of the great new additions at Citi Field has been the Fan Fest behind Center Field. While this is area is the main food concourse, this is the spot for families and friends to play around in. I definitely didn’t make it through my first baseball game— my father was tired of my complaining it was too cold or too boring and we left around the sixth inning. The Fan Fest offers different types of baseball themed games— Xbox games, good ol’ fashioned T-ball. It’s a great alternative for families with younger kids who won’t sit through a full game. It’s also just a lot of fun to hang out in.

Exhibit E : It’s in Queens!

As I mentioned before, Queens is the most diverse county in the United States. It’s also the most ethnicially diverse urban area in the world with over 2.2 million residents. Of that population— 46% of residents are foreign born, from over 100 different nations, and speak over 138 different languages. We love our culture.

Queens is definitely worth exploring. The 7 subway train departs from Times Square, winds its way through the neighborhoods, makes a brief stop at Citi Field and Flushing Meadows Park, and ends at Flushing Main Street. In the mood for some Greek flare— head to Astoria. In the mood for a mix of Latin American culture- head to Jackson Heights or Elmurst (where I grew up). In the mood for some Filipino food or a very much Irish neighborhood pub- head to Woodside (where my father lived). I think you get where I’m going with this; head to Queens to see regular New Yorkers trying to live the American dream live it.

My wonderful colleague, Jeanette wrote an amazing blog on all of her top recommendations along the 7 line. I suggest enjoying lunch at one of those establishments, heading to Flushing Meadow Park to see the Unispehre and enjoy the general calming effect parks have, and then catching a baseball game. It’s a $2.25 fare— what is there to lose?

Want to book a package including Mets tickets? Eileen would love to help you! E-mail her directly at!

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A Giant Celebration!

by Karissa, Reservations Manager

Karissa and her fiance sporting their Giants gear

One of my fondest memories as a young girl was watching Giants Football every Sunday after church with my Grandpa! Now at the time I wasn’t quite as into it as my older brothers and my dad were, I didn’t understand the rules and the games went on too long and sometimes I even fell asleep after a big lunch! My favorite player was Tiki Barber because I liked his name. Years later he actually was my favorite player because he was actually a very good player! Now maybe 15-17 years later I’m an avid fan and I don’t ever make plans on a Sunday when the game is on, I understand the rules (most of the time) and you’ll usually find me being the one yelling at the TV when they make some good plays or when the refs makes bad calls! Since my two favorite players have now retired (Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan) I now have a new favorite player: Victor Cruz. Of course, Cruz was a key player this year in helping the Giants get to the Super Bowl. Many know him as the salsa dancer in the end zone.

Since I was born the Giants have won the Super Bowl 4 times. 1986, 1990, 2007 and now 2011. Hopefully they’ll win a lot more in my lifetime and I can have my kids grow up on Giants football as well! I was too young to remember the Super Bowl in 1986 and 1990 but the last 2 I will never forget. And of course everyone will always remember the David Tyree catch in 2007 win against the Patriots and now the Mario Manningham catch in 2011 win against the Patriots. Both games were also nail biters till the end. I remember watching the 2007 game and being almost scared to watch the last few seconds and this year was just the same when the Patriots had the ball with less then a minute left to score a touchdown. Luckily, they didn’t!

Living in New York City for both the 2007 and 2011 championships made it that much more exciting when they won. Even though the Giants play in New Jersey they are known as the New York Giants, although many native New Jersey residents (my fiance being one of them) become upset when New York City gets all the credit. Lucky for me the parade is always in New York City! Unfortunately I was unable to to go the Ticker Tape Parade in 2007, but this year I was blessed to be given a ticket to get reserved seating in City Hall where they have the ceremony! I was beyond ecstatic. I made sure to tell my whole family and all my fellow Giants Fans as I couldn’t hold in the excitement. But I took plenty of pictures and videos to share with them!

When we got downtown it was a sea of Blue, White and Red. Everyone in their Giants apparel and screaming and having a great time with all these strangers. Since we had reserved tickets were were able to get into City Hall Park so we didn’t have to stand sardined in with all the people on the street. So once inside the park we scoped out great locations right against the fence of the park where we could stand along the fence and see over everyone’s heads in the street – which is an added bonus for me since I’m pretty short! After a long time waiting the parade started and it started off with my favorite player VICTOR CRUZ! I was so excited for him to be at the head of the parade and I’m sure he was as well! As the floats went by I saw the whole team go by one by one waving to the fans and signing memorabilla and throwing it out to the crowds. It was an amazing expereince and it only got better!

After the parade we headed back into the park and had a seat in the crowd as we patiently waited for the players to come out onto the stage. They had a few performers from Rock of Ages, some local high school bands and of course some salsa dancing! When the ceremony started we were greeted by Mayor Bloomberg and and another favorite player of mine Michael Strahan, I was so excited to see him on stage I had no idea he would be there but was over joyed seeing him welcome his old teammates onto the stage. The players all entered the stage single file and it was a great experience sharing the excitement with the team and the thousands of people inside the park screaming for their favorite players as they were announced. After all the players and coaches received their keys to the city there were two great short speeches by Quarterback and MVP Eli Manning and co-captain Justin Tuck, ending with their song they made up called “I Got a Ring”

It was an incredible experience and I hope the Giants win many more championships so other people can have this same memory as I will always have. Check out the rest of my pictures on the New York Guest facebook page!

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Giant Deals: Where to Watch the Super Bowl in New York

by Nicole Vullo from Nitetables

If the Super Bowl is like New Year’s Eve for sports bars, then this year’s big game is like the turn of the millennium.

Thanks to the Giants’ red-hot winning streak — including a nail biter in which they snatched the NFC Championship from the 49ers — New York has a team in this year’s big dance, and seats to watch them alongside other Big Blue fanatics at the city’s best bars are going fast. Peruse the food-and-drink packages below and reserve today for guaratnteed seating — or risk standing at the bar or worse: stuck outside on the street!

As always, if you don’t see what you want or need, give us a call: (212) 901 2633. We cater to parties of all sizes and budgets.

NEW! COPIA (Midtown East) Here’s another private-party option: Book this sophisticated Midtown East bar/restaurant’s Lounge Down Below package (which, coincidentally, is good for birthdays, bachelors and other private events too), and your party of 20, 30 or 40 will have its subterranean drinking den all to yourselves (not counting your personal staff of waitresses and bartenders). Watch the game on flat-screen TVs with a state-of-the-art sound system while enjoying a three-hour premium open-bar and a buffet consisting of three entrees. All of this for just $84 per person!

NEW! MARCO POLO CRUISES (Midtown East) How about a private cruz (as in Giant receiver Victor) around Manhattan during the big game? Marco Polo’s Super Bowl Cruisin’ package offers parties of 50 or 100 people use of their fully-staffed, two-deck vessel, plus four-hour open-bar and Italian dinner buffet, for just $78 a person. (On the menu: Cesar salad, chicken Francese, lasagna and dessert.) Flat-screen TVs will broadcasting the game while you’re on the water. Bonus: Want more of a party atmosphere? They’ll throw in a free DJ available upon request.

NEW! K-LOUNGE (Midtown) The sexy Midtown club (it’s named for the Kamasutra) is transforming its swank, second-floor club into a Super Bowl viewing party with several large-screen TVs and a projector screen. Reserve a table and space on their luxe white-leather banquettes with drink and bottle service for about $45 minium spend a person, or pay $30 per-person admission at the door for standing-room with two free tickets. Hungry patrons are welcome to order Indian fare from the affiliated and critically-acclaimed Bombay Palace downstairs.

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY (Hell’s Kitchen) Want to watch the game on the eight HDTVs at Justin Timberlake’s favorite Memphis BBQ joint? Their Super Bowl XLVI Package ($100 a head for parties of four to 12 people) gets you that plus a family-style buffet dinner and top-shelf open-bar for the duration of the game. Plus, every time the Giants score, everyone in the place gets a free Big Blue Shot. And if you wear your love for the Giants on your sleeve (or head or anywhere on your person!), you get another gratis shooter.

SOLD OUT! TRAFFIC (Hell’s Kitchen) Calling all Patriots supporters — especially those who fear cheering their team on in public in New York will result in getting a beer shower from Giants fans: Traffic is your New England viewing-party headquarters and, therefore, your Super Bowl haven. Book their Football Frenzy package and each member of your group of four to 10 may drink from their open well-bar for the duration of the game and order from a choice of four appetizers (the menu includes upscale bar bites — think fresh sirloin sliders and bacon crab mac & cheese — as well as more healthful options such ashummus, bissara and cucumber yogurt dips served with warm pita).

POP BURGER (Meatpacking) Want fries with that? Book their Super Bowl Score package ($62 per person for parties of four to 10) and you’ll get them, along with a table in the hip bar/lounge area that lies behind the fast-food counter, plus Pop Burgers and all the beer and wine your group can drink for the duration of the game. Bonus: Whenever the Giants score, everyone gets a free shot.

POP BURGER (Midtown East) Their uptown location also offers the Big Game package. For about $62 per guest, groups of four to 10 will each get an order of Pop Burgers and fries, plus beer and wine for the duration of the game. And whenever the Giants score, everyone gets a free shot.

PUBLIC HOUSE (Midtown East) This sophisticated sports bar/lounge’s Football Mania deal provides parties of six to 10 with unlimited draft beer for the duration of the game as well as a choice of appetizers. (Six guests get four appetizers; eight get six; and ten get eight). Popular bites include wings, nachos, chicken tenders and spinach & artichoke dip, as well as this specialty, macaroni & cheese squares.

WHISKEY PARK (Midtown West) Football-loving foodies will eat this up! The posh Gerber Group-managed bar inside the Trump Parc hotel will be treating patrons who purchase their Super Bowl-on-the-Park package ($50 per person for parties of four to 12) to unlimited Corona and Corona Light, along with gourmet sandwiches from the heralded Gorilla Cheese food truck (pick one: Classic America Grilled Cheese with bacon and/or tomato, Specialty Smoked Gouda w/BBQ pulled pork & onions on wheat bread; or Specialty Chicken parmesan melt with smoked mozzarella and marinara on French bread), plus tater tots and, for dessert, s’mores! At half-time there will be a raffle; the winner gets a Sony home theater system.

TEQA (Murray Hill) How about a Mexican feast? Celeb magnet Derek Axelrod’s taqueria Teqa is known for its authentic yet modern South-of-the-Border fare, which is the main attraction of their Sports Package. For $100 a person, a party of six to 10 gets unlimited well drinks (including their refreshing beer cocktails) and Tecate for the duration of the game, as well as four appetizers: Quesadilla Stack, Trio de Salsa, Taquitos and Fondue. Also available for booking: the 10-person, $100-a-head Super Bowl Feast, consisting of open well-bar or Tecate beer for the duration of the game; two orders of chips and salsa; two orders of guacamole; and three orders of quesadillas.

M1-5 (TriBeCa) A dressed-up warehouse, this sexy space is a standout, thanks to its wrap-around bar, relaxed vibe, diverse crowd, friendly staff and, come February 5 Super Bowl Party Pack. For $120 per person, parties of four to 12 people may partake in a six-hour (!) top-shelf open-bar (that covers pre-game, half-time AND overtime, should the Giants go to sudden-death again), as well as wings and chicken fingers (a.k.a. flingers).

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY (Upper East Side) The original Southern Hospitality location features several packages, including the Thirsty Super Bowl. For $60 per person, groups of four to 12 will get top-shelf open-bar for the duration of the game. Want their fabulous Memphis BBQ as well? At $80 per person, the Hungry Super Bowl package will feed parties of four to 12 with a family-style buffet and allow for top-shelf open-bar for the duration of the game.

…Or rent out one of these private rooms and throw your own Super Bowl bash!

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY (Hell’s Kitchen) Outfitted in dark wood and lined with windows that look out onto its bustling neighborhood, the cozy Library Room is available for parties of 40 to 60 people for $80 a head. That gets everyone in your group top-shelf open bar, a full BBQ dinner and seating for all. NOTE: This private party must be booked 48 hours in advance.

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY (Upper East Side) Dark wood walls and furniture, four HDTVs and photos of its hometown hero, Elvis Presley, and other music legends fill its warm and inviting Memphis room. For a total of $2400, a party of 30 people will get top-shelf open-bar, a full BBQ dinner and ample seating. NOTE: This event must be booked 48 hours in advance.

POP BURGER (Midtown East) You and 29 friends will pay about $73 each for a private room with a full wait staff that’ll bring you your choice of food and beverages (up to $2200 worth). At half-time, pick up a game of pool on your very own billiards table.

SOLD OUT! BROTHER JIMMY’S (Union Square) Famous for serving up 20 years of its North Carolina brand of BBQ, Brother Jimmy’s makes its NiteTables debut with this Super Bowl Bash party offer. Grab 44 of your friends and enjoy the game in their Garage room; about $100 each covers the room rental with a minimum food-and-beverage spend. (Eats include their popular wings, rib tips, onion straws, and frickles.)

The 40/40 CLUB (Flatiron District) Relaunched with a buzzy party featuring part-owner Jay-Z, the beautifully renovated 40/40 Club is back up and running — and taking reservations for what’s likely to be one of the most indulgent Super Bowl bashes in New York City. Reserve the music mogul’s personal favorite VIP room, and you’ll have the run of this club-within-the-club, a sophisticated drinking den that features an array of flat-screen TVs, pool table, luxe leather couches and a trophy case filled with sports memorabilia. For $120 per person, you and 99 friends (not problems!) will select drinks and eats from the newly upgraded menu. This deal is perfect for a company looking to host an office gathering — or perhaps a group of Patriots fans looking for a safe place to root for their team without getting beer dumped on their heads

This blog is a guest contribution from our friends at Nitetables, an awesome new nightlife reservation site featuring clubs, bars, lounges and more.  Check out their services & tell ‘em we sent you! – Louise

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By Beth, New York Guest Travel Planner

For most people you associate the Fall season with Halloween, pumpkin-flavored treats, the leaves falling, and apple picking. I on the other hand associate the fall with football. For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by football. My grandfather coached, my dad coached, my brother played, my friends played, and the tomboy inside me wished I could play. I live in a house divided when it comes to who to root for. My Dad, Mom, and sister are New York Giants fans while my brother and I root for the Gang Green, the New York Jets.

I’ve had the luxury of going to a lot of Jets games in the last two years. Nothing beats the atmosphere of an NFL game. The tailgating before hand, the sea of fans in their favorite players jerseys walking in, and the eminent chants (If you are familiar with the Jets you will know that at the beginning of every game, and at every kick the fans will let out their J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS! chant). The action and excitement of a football game are a great way to spend a Sunday in New York! I love going to games and anticipate the season starting every fall.

 Whether you are a football fan or not, I highly recommend visiting MetLife Stadium for a Giants or Jets game. Contact me at or at (212) 302-4019 and I’d be happy to help you out with tickets. You can also check out tickets on our website or our Football Fanatic package!


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Kelly: I am a Yankees Fanatic

Hello NYG fans!

My name is Kelly, I am the Sales and Operations Manger on the New York Guest team. Being a native of Northern New Jersey, just 15 miles away from Manhattan, I have been a Yankee fan since birth. Every year around this time, when spring training is in full swing (pun intended),  I start to get excited for the upcoming baseball season.  This year is no different! I am already glued to the nightly news for reports on who is being traded, which players are coming back and how the pre-season games are going.

Andy Pettitte throws against the Minnesota Twins

I am sad to start off the 2011 season by saying good-bye to the retiring long-time Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte.  Pettitte, along with Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera, make up the heart of the team I grew up with and have watched season after winning season. On the bright side, his retirement opens the door for the up and coming rookies to show their stuff.  Seeing new pitchers take the mound is never boring (see the story of Joba Chamberlain to see what I mean)

This is also the time of year my family starts planning the games we want to go see at Yankee Stadium– I try to go to at least 20 games every season! With 80 home game between April and October the hardest part is narrowing my choices down to just 20 games .  There are some special games I plan to attend, like Old Timer’s Day that have to be reserved months in advance due to their special popularity . However it happens all the time that I will get a call at 4:30 on the afternoon of a game from someone offering me a ticket…and I never turn down a ticket to a Yankees game!

See the 2011 Yankees Baseball Season Schedule

My view of the field at one of last year's games

People ask me all the time why I am a Yankees fan. It’s more than just being a native of the New York metro area since I know Yankees fans who have never stepped foot in New York City. Yankees fans are like family. I frequently run into people I know at the game– cousins, friends and sometimes even other New York Guest team members! Baseball in New York City is a serious deal. Just about everyone has one allegiance or another, and the top baseball news of the day is constantly under discussion.  The few games a year when the Yankees play the other hometown team, the New York Mets, are some of the hottest tickets to acquire in the entire league. Then of course there are the Boston Red Sox.  The Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry is the best rivalry in all of sports with an exhilarating history that extends back over100 years. Tickets to these epic games are nearly impossible to find, but I have connections that make getting tickets possible.

The New Yankee Stadium

I love helping my clients with their baseball ticket orders since baseball is something I am truly passionate about. I can also advise you on some special tips that only the locals know, such as the special Yankees ferry that goes to & from Yankee Stadium on game days. What a beautiful way to get to the game!  Let me help you with your summer baseball tickets by e-mailing me your request at or you can buy tickets right on our website.

On you can either buy Yankees tickets by themselves, or a Yankees Baseball Package including tickets and your hotel stay.

If you have any questions, just give me a call at (212) 302-4019!


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Beth: Being a Tourist in My Own Hometown

Hi Blogland! My name is Beth and I am one of the New York City Travel Planners here at New York Guest. As a born-and-bred New Yorker I still feel like there are things I haven’t had a chance to do. With a city so wealthy in sites, attractions and activities one could easily spend a lifetime and not check everything off of their to-do list.  Taking time to explore New York City isn’t just fun, it also helps me better advise my guests on what they should see and do while visiting my favorite city in the world.

Recently my boyfriend and I decided to spend a weekend just being tourists in our hometown. Have you ever done that where you live? I highly recommend it! In the chilly January air, New York City is a spectacular city to walk around. We even decided to check out one of New York Guest’s most popular hotels, the Holiday Inn Madison Square Garden.  Staying there, I could immediately understand why this particular hotel is so popular with our guests. It has a great central location close to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Macy’s Herald Square, Madison Square Garden and so much more! Our room was very comfortable, fit with a king-sized bed. Rooms aren’t huge, but we didn’t feel cramped at all.  Best of all, I loved the free breakfast!

Standard King at Holiday Inn Express Madison Square Garden

Our first stop was at the Empire State Building, located very close to the Holiday Inn Express Madison Square Garden.  We rode up to the first observation deck on the 86th floor and took in some great views of the Financial District and Central Park.  Did you know on a clear day you can see as many as 5 states from the Observation deck? From each side of the building you can see all of Manhattan and its wonderful buildings, busy streets and surrounding districts. In my opinion, no stay in New York City is complete without a visit to the Empire State Building!

Even if a little blurry... What a view!

We also took time just to walk around and window shop around Herald Square and Times Square. The new pedestrian plazas in both areas make it so much nicer to walk around!

We also had plenty of time to see a good ol’ fashioned rivalry hockey game at Madison Square Garden between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. We had great seats and saw a rough match-up between the #1 and #3 teams in their division.  New York Rangers fans are very passionate about their team which made for a really fun atmosphere! Although the Rangers ended up losing, we still had a blast with all the fans in our section. We even got to take a group photo next to a life-sized picture of Ranger’s famed goalie, Henrik Lunquist.

Taking a picture with Ranger's famed goalie, Henrik Lunquist.

Interested in catching a game while you’re in town? Knicks basketball and Rangers hockey seasons are in full swing and baseball season is right around the corner– Yankees tickets are now available for purchase online!

Contact me or any of the New York travel planners (212) 302-4019 or to learn more about how you can get great tickets to New York sporting events. I would also love to help you with a reservation at the Holiday Inn Express Madison Square Garden or any of our other excellent New York hotel deals!

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