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The Top 10 Holidays in NYC Photos

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style

In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas

Children laughing, people passing meeting smile after smile

And on ev’ry street corner you’ll hear

Silver bells, silver bells

It’s Christmas time in the city

Ring a ling, hear them sing

Soon it will be Christmas day

What? Oh…sorry…right. The photography contest. These top 10 photos sort of got that song stuck in my head.
Cast your vote by December 18th – the winner will be announced on December 19th! Check out the entries and then scroll to the bottom to vote.

#1 - by Delores McCartney

#2 - by Donna McDougall

#3 by Fernanda Lopes

#4 by Ilse Neugebauer

#5 by Karen Sgambati

#6 by Karen Sgambati

#7 by Stephanie Pilon

#8 by Susan Middler

#9 by Susan Middler

#10 by Susan Middler

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The Top 10 Spotted in New York photos

This month we asked you to send in photos of unexpected sightings in NYC, and this brought the variety of photo subjects that you would expect! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Vote for your favorite by Monday, November 14th when the winner will officially be crowned!

Visit for more information about our monthly contests.

Vote here, scroll down to view the contenders!


#1 by Cherly Ferrara Horne

#2 by Ilse Neugebauer

#3 by Ilse Neugebauer

#4 by Ilse Neugebauer

#5 by John Leightell

#6 by Laura Ghisalberti

#7 by Marissa Dizon

#8 by Stella de Cos

#9 by Sue Kisenwether

#10 by Susan Rae

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October Photography Contest – NYC Parks

We loved the photos this month! It’s amazing how beautiful New York City’s parks are throughout the seasons! Three of our top 10 are winter photos – a happy reminder that even when it gets cold our city will still be beautiful.

Voting is open and will remain open until October 17th at 9 AM when the winner will be announced! For more information on our monthly photography contests, visit

And now, without further ado, the top 10!

Click on any image to see it larger, scroll to the bottom to vote for your favorite

#1 by Agnes McMillan

#2 by Carolina Vianna

#3 by Denise Hackett

#4 by Donna McDougall

#5 by Donna McDougall

#6 by Jeanine Mallia

#7 by Kristina Werner

#8 by Natalie Charles

#9 by Paula Lara

#10 by Tracy Arlow

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Summer Time Sizzlers!

We asked our New York Guest Staff what their favorite summertime activities  are. See what they have to say!

A Typical Day at the Green Market in Union Square

My favorite Saturdays in the summer are those that I start at the Green Market in Union Square and peruse all those things green and fresh from all our local farms.  Laden with all my bags, I head over to Raffetto’s for some of the best homemade pasta in the city.  Armed with pasta, I needed to complete my other pantry items, so I head over to Bleecker Street and stop at Murray’s for cheese, Faico’s for pork products and Ottomanelli Brothers for meat and poultry.  Lastly, I head over  to Da Silvanos on 6th Avenue to sit outside and enjoy some of the best Tuscan cuisine in the city!!  I have even had a few celebrity sightings there from time to time.  After my morning of shopping coupled by my 4 hour lunch, it’s time for me to head home for a long awaited siesta! Aren’t you full from reading that?


Just a Pretty Day in a Boat at Central Park. Ahh This is the Life!

My favorite New York City getaway year round is Central Park. But during the summer there are so many more activities available to you. The one I most enjoy in the park are the row boats in the lake by the The Loeb Central Park Boathouse. If you enter the park on 72nd street on the east or west side of the park it will lead you right to the lake. This is the perfect get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and a great place to hang out on a hot summer day. If you are afraid of the water and/or boats you can also rent bicycles at the lake and bike. The park offers a trail complete with bike lanes so there is no need to worry about those crazy cab drivers weaving in and out of traffic! Either way spending time in Central Park is always a nice getaway from the busy city lifestyle and highly recommended! I like to think of it as my own personal backyard (that I happen to share with just a couple of people)!


The Rooftop at the Standard Hotel

There is nothing that I love more than the summer time! My friends and I love to be outside enjoying the sun every chance we get on the weekends. At least once a month in the summer we meet up at the Standard Beer Garden in the Meatpacking District to de-stress from the week and catch up. The Beer Garden is a Bavarian Style rooftop bar, offering 3 German Beers on draft as well as typical German fare like (my favorite) a giant pretzel with delicious mustard dipping sauce. With gorgeous views of the Hudson River, there are even ping-pong tables on the rooftop for some friendly competition. This is a perfect spot to visit to enjoy some good drinks, food, laughs, and sunshine!


Don't you want to hang out with him?

Summer Friday’s in New York mean 2 things for natives:  Either a chance to hang out in city without the crowds that are normally here or heading out to Long Island or the Jersey Shore where you join thousands of fellow city folks for some beach and after sun fun!

One of my favorite places to spend a weekend is in East Hampton.  Known to be a little less wild then it’s sister town (South Hampton),  East Hampton and Amagansett have shopping, beaches, restaurants and après beach happy hour venues.  My most absolute favorite summer spot is a beach bar located off of dusty Montauk Highway called Cyril’s.   The owner sits center stage every Saturday and Sunday, greeting old friends and meeting new ones. Dogs run freely and children are welcome at this afternoon party that reminds me of giant tailgate parties from my past.   On any given Saturday, you can find me, my friends, and some dogs, with Lobster Rolls in hand, while enjoying the Cyril house specialty, BBC (Banana Baileys Chocolate) with a rum floater.  There it is; my version of a little weekend paradise!


  I like to think of summer as the time to enjoy things you can’t do year round. I love being outdoors. Luckily, my city has tons of outdoor activities to keep me busy all summer long. Have you ever been to one of the many free concerts NYC offers? SummerStage, New York’s largest free performing arts festival, brings over 100 performances to eighteen parks throughout the five boroughs. I have seen my fair share of concerts: Black Crowes, All Points West, The Black Keys and much more! Did I mention that they are free!? Of course, you can buy tickets to get the better seats. Or you can just bring a blanket, find some grass and enjoy the tunes! Check out their website for the 2011 lineup.

Do you have Bieber Fever? He will be performing here on June 4!

The Today Show also has many free performances all summer long. I have never had the guts to line up on the streets at 4 AM with thousands of people waiting to get a glimpse of the performing pop star. BUT I have watched it comfortably from home. If you are coming to town and want to check out some free music you can check out the Summer Concert Series schedule here.


Spend Your Summer Days at the Met!

My favorite summer activity is going to the many amazing museums NYC has to offer.  While many people are out in the hot sun at the beach or park, I am usually taking the opportunity to meander my way around New York City’s vast cultural houses of art, history, and science.  I like to go to the museums in the summer because they are not as jam-packed with school and tour groups, making it very easy to spend as much or as little time as I want at each exhibit. The free air conditioning never hurts either! 


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