New York Hotels

Which hotel to choose?

There are over 400 hotels in New York. They come in all sizes and shapes, from boutiques to convention size hotels; from special one-of-a-kind hotels to the major brands.

With so many choices, knowing what’s best and where to stay can be a little challenging, to say the least. New York Guest makes picking your hotel easy. Whether it’s from our New York Vacation Packages list or part of New York hotel deals, we have the perfect spot for you to stay the night. We will recommend just the right hotel, in the perfect neighborhood and one that meets you budget. Your NYC vacation or business trip will be that much better because you chose New York Guest.

There are two easy ways to book: using New York Guest‘s convenient online New York Trip Planner, or contact one of our New York City experts for a recommendation tailored to you and your needs. So not to overwhelm you, we list a fraction of our total hotel inventory on our website. If you have a hotel preference that you don’t see on our website, just give us a call.


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