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By Beth, New York Guest Travel Planner

For most people you associate the Fall season with Halloween, pumpkin-flavored treats, the leaves falling, and apple picking. I on the other hand associate the fall with football. For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by football. My grandfather coached, my dad coached, my brother played, my friends played, and the tomboy inside me wished I could play. I live in a house divided when it comes to who to root for. My Dad, Mom, and sister are New York Giants fans while my brother and I root for the Gang Green, the New York Jets.

I’ve had the luxury of going to a lot of Jets games in the last two years. Nothing beats the atmosphere of an NFL game. The tailgating before hand, the sea of fans in their favorite players jerseys walking in, and the eminent chants (If you are familiar with the Jets you will know that at the beginning of every game, and at every kick the fans will let out their J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS! chant). The action and excitement of a football game are a great way to spend a Sunday in New York! I love going to games and anticipate the season starting every fall.

 Whether you are a football fan or not, I highly recommend visiting MetLife Stadium for a Giants or Jets game. Contact me at blenowicz@newyorkguest.com or at (212) 302-4019 and I’d be happy to help you out with tickets. You can also check out tickets on our website or our Football Fanatic package!



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