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Hot Summer in the City

by Louise, Director of Operations

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s definitely summa-time here in NYC, and if you’re going hard on the sightseeing chances are you’re going to want a nice cold treat at some point. But you’re on vacation! You don’t want to hit up a chain you could easily patronize at home. Resist the millions of Starbucks, Haagen Daaz, and frozen yogurt shops of all ilks and indulge in some treats you can only get in New York City.

schmackarysSchmackary’s is a haven for those seeking delicious snacks before or after a Broadway show (or really anytime) – and that includes the stars of the shows themselves! Located on 45th street near 9th avenue, just on the border of Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square, Schmackary’s opened just over a year ago by a former aspiring actor from Lincoln, Nebraska. Since then, it has taken the theater district by storm with inventive and ridiculously delicious cookies. As if their cookies weren’t awesome enough on their own, they will take any two cookies and sandwich them with a scoop of ice cream for a treat you won’t soon forget. Their shakes are also pretty insane – the malted milkball shake haunts my dreams.

Blue Marble Ice Cream
Blue Marble owns and operates NYC’s only certified organic ice cream plant – located in Brooklyn. They also use locally sourced ingredients, biodegradable bowls/spoons/etc, “green” building materials for their shops, and on and on. Plus they have a partnership with a group of women in Rwanda, whom they helped to open the country’s first ice cream shop. “So,” you’re thinking, “They sound like great people but WHAT OF THE ICE CREAM?” Don’t worry. It’s freaking amazing. You should eat all of it.

Big Gay Ice Cream
biggayWhere else but New York could an ice cream truck bill itself as the “Big Gay Ice Cream Truck” and launch a successful business with two brick-and-mortar locations? Okay, San Francisco…but still! It’s a pretty New York thing. The owners of BGIC combine traditional Mister Softee-style softserve cones with a variety of toppings I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t had on ice cream before – wasabi pea dust, sriracha, curried coconut and much more. Supporting small business, enjoying an old comfort food, AND trying something new all it once? It’s almost too much awesome. BGIC has two locations now, one in the East Village and one in the West Village, serving the combos that made them famous and a variety of other treats. Make the trip!

il laboratorio del gelato
You can buy pints of this these fresh, unique gelato and sorbet flavors at several retail locations around the city, but for the full experience you should go to the storefront on Orchard Street, where you can watch the desserts being made in the open kitchen before your eyes! There are over 200 flavors (though only 48 are available at the café at a time), so bring your appetite and at least a few friends.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
vanleeuwenLaunched in 2008 by some more of those crafty Brooklyn kids, Van Leeuwen produces some of the best ice cream you will ever taste, made primarily from local ingredients and supporting small producers and artisans. Everything is delectably rich and creamy while not being overly sweet and with nothing artificial. They have an unbeatable mint chocolate chip flavor that is (gasp) NOT bright green. They’re signature yellow trucks can be found around the city and they have several stores too.

I could go on and on, but you’re probably thinking you need to stop reading and go get some ice cream…so please, I implore you, when you visit NYC this summer walk past the Mister Softee and the Baskin Robbins and find a real New York ice cream shop!

Recommendations of your own? Post them in the comments!


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