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A Giant Celebration!

by Karissa, Reservations Manager

Karissa and her fiance sporting their Giants gear

One of my fondest memories as a young girl was watching Giants Football every Sunday after church with my Grandpa! Now at the time I wasn’t quite as into it as my older brothers and my dad were, I didn’t understand the rules and the games went on too long and sometimes I even fell asleep after a big lunch! My favorite player was Tiki Barber because I liked his name. Years later he actually was my favorite player because he was actually a very good player! Now maybe 15-17 years later I’m an avid fan and I don’t ever make plans on a Sunday when the game is on, I understand the rules (most of the time) and you’ll usually find me being the one yelling at the TV when they make some good plays or when the refs makes bad calls! Since my two favorite players have now retired (Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan) I now have a new favorite player: Victor Cruz. Of course, Cruz was a key player this year in helping the Giants get to the Super Bowl. Many know him as the salsa dancer in the end zone.

Since I was born the Giants have won the Super Bowl 4 times. 1986, 1990, 2007 and now 2011. Hopefully they’ll win a lot more in my lifetime and I can have my kids grow up on Giants football as well! I was too young to remember the Super Bowl in 1986 and 1990 but the last 2 I will never forget. And of course everyone will always remember the David Tyree catch in 2007 win against the Patriots and now the Mario Manningham catch in 2011 win against the Patriots. Both games were also nail biters till the end. I remember watching the 2007 game and being almost scared to watch the last few seconds and this year was just the same when the Patriots had the ball with less then a minute left to score a touchdown. Luckily, they didn’t!

Living in New York City for both the 2007 and 2011 championships made it that much more exciting when they won. Even though the Giants play in New Jersey they are known as the New York Giants, although many native New Jersey residents (my fiance being one of them) become upset when New York City gets all the credit. Lucky for me the parade is always in New York City! Unfortunately I was unable to to go the Ticker Tape Parade in 2007, but this year I was blessed to be given a ticket to get reserved seating in City Hall where they have the ceremony! I was beyond ecstatic. I made sure to tell my whole family and all my fellow Giants Fans as I couldn’t hold in the excitement. But I took plenty of pictures and videos to share with them!

When we got downtown it was a sea of Blue, White and Red. Everyone in their Giants apparel and screaming and having a great time with all these strangers. Since we had reserved tickets were were able to get into City Hall Park so we didn’t have to stand sardined in with all the people on the street. So once inside the park we scoped out great locations right against the fence of the park where we could stand along the fence and see over everyone’s heads in the street – which is an added bonus for me since I’m pretty short! After a long time waiting the parade started and it started off with my favorite player VICTOR CRUZ! I was so excited for him to be at the head of the parade and I’m sure he was as well! As the floats went by I saw the whole team go by one by one waving to the fans and signing memorabilla and throwing it out to the crowds. It was an amazing expereince and it only got better!

After the parade we headed back into the park and had a seat in the crowd as we patiently waited for the players to come out onto the stage. They had a few performers from Rock of Ages, some local high school bands and of course some salsa dancing! When the ceremony started we were greeted by Mayor Bloomberg and and another favorite player of mine Michael Strahan, I was so excited to see him on stage I had no idea he would be there but was over joyed seeing him welcome his old teammates onto the stage. The players all entered the stage single file and it was a great experience sharing the excitement with the team and the thousands of people inside the park screaming for their favorite players as they were announced. After all the players and coaches received their keys to the city there were two great short speeches by Quarterback and MVP Eli Manning and co-captain Justin Tuck, ending with their song they made up called “I Got a Ring”

It was an incredible experience and I hope the Giants win many more championships so other people can have this same memory as I will always have. Check out the rest of my pictures on the New York Guest facebook page!


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